Tiny Prints Giveaway *CLOSED*


Last year I bought a bunch of rad neon orange velum envelopes in the hopes of sending a holiday card out. I’m not one to really stick to the “only at Christmas” deadline, so I thought I’d do it after the holidays. January or February. Well, now it’s November & the pile of orange envelopes are still in my stash without any signs of a greeting card nearby. I like to send out holiday cards that are different & unique from everyone else, but that definitely takes time & energy that’s rarely seen these days.

When Tiny Prints contacted me to see if I’d like to host a review & giveaway for their holiday cards, my first thought was do they have the option to make your own custom designs? No. They don’t. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a tad disappointed. However, their wide variety of designs made me think that this might be better. I’d actually send out a holiday card if I didn’t have to take the time to design it. I’ve actually done a few things through Tiny Prints before & their print quality is fantastic. I designed & printed the SocialLuxe Lounge posters through them & their blacks & solid colors (which can look awful) turned out gorgeous.

Now that I don’t have to worry about designing this year’s greeting card, all I have to do is take our picture. Yikes. Two years ago, I dragged the whole famn damily to a skate park at 7 in the morning for family photos. I think I was on crack or something. Setting up the shot was awful. I had to use the timer & run between the camera & our pose every time I took a picture. I think I took 50 exhausting photos. This was the best one:

This year wasn’t nearly as stressful, thank heavens! Chris just bought me a wireless shutter remote and it made everything worlds easier. I just set that thing up & click. click. clicked away. It was much less traumatic than last time. Here’s one of my favorite outtakes, I was teaching Penelope how to take the photos:

Now that I have a few family pics to choose from, I have to choose which photo card to print. I’m having a hard time deciding. Will you help me? Tiny Prints has quite a few beautiful photo cards with hand-calligraphed or gorgeous script details on them. I’m a huge, huge fan which makes it so hard to pick just one design.

Tiny Prints is offering one lucky IS•LY reader a $50 Tiny Prints gift certificate! Here’s how you can enter:

  • Visit Tiny Prints & take a look around
  • Tell me which photocard I should get by submitting your opinion through the poll on the sidebar
  • Leave a comment on this post telling me you’ve submitted your opinion
  • Comment by 11:59pm (MST) Thursday, November 18, 2010
  • This contest is open for US residents only
  • Only one (1) comment per person
  • No purchase necessary
  • One (1) winner will be chosen via random.org & announced Friday, November 19, 2010
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    1. Heather S. says:

      I voted!!

    2. Katy says:

      I voted! They are all smashing… although, now that I look at them better, I would probably chose option 1 instead, although 2 is so funny! Man, good luck with that. I had three options of Christmas cards for my husband and he chose one I didn’t want so I trumped him and chose my favorite after he didn’t get my hints on which one was ultimately the best!

    3. Mckenzie D says:

      I voted, how fun to have us vote on our favorite!

    4. JeannieD says:

      Hard choice, but I finally voted!

    5. Heather says:

      option #3 is speaking to me – I must have a thing for black.

    6. Brittany says:

      Went back and forth but I voted for #1. The red is just so wonderful!

    7. Karen F says:

      I voted (#1, but they’re all great)!

    8. Libby says:

      I really liked all of the options for your card, but I think #1 is my favorite. Although, I do think that the photo from one with the card from two would be really great (I just love the taupe-ish color of that one).

      Are you still going to use your orange envelopes? I vote yes!

    9. Tonia says:

      I just love the simplicity and clean lines of black and white. Too bad it isn’t winning the contest. I have to get me one of those wireless remotes for my camera! Great idea.

    10. Stephanie says:

      What a great idea having others help you decide which holiday card to get!

    11. Nathalie says:

      I love option two you all happy and I like the colors you picked!

    12. laura says:

      i voted – it’s a tough choice for sure but i love #1! :)

    13. Jenny says:

      Oh my! Good job narrowing it down to three. I have been pondering about it for three weeks now and I still don’t know what our card is going to look like! Maybe if I win this one it will help on my decision making. :)
      PS: I have submitted my opinion.

    14. Sarah says:

      I love the Second design! It would like great with the orange envelopes!

    15. ashlee says:

      Oh my WORD! your hair 2 years ago is AMAZING! That cut looks incredible on you. Not everyone can pull off short, but you ROCK that cut!

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