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Design*Sponge recently opened up a contest to design your own typeface and $500 + $150 gift card to veer were on the line. Of COURSE I was interested. So I submitted a couple of typefaces that I’ve been working on as of late:

This script typeface is digitally drawn, inspired by calligraphy.

This sans serif typeface is also digitally drawn, inspired by J. Crew ads.

Unfortunately for me, neither of my designs made it to the final round, but I’m more than okay with it. I knew I didn’t have much of a chance when I saw a preview of some of the submissions & read that there were over 400 entries. The top 30 designs have just blown me away and I’d love to have any of those in my font library. I’m just in awe of the creativity & design genius of the finalists!

Check out the talent: round 1 finalistsround 2 finalistsround 3 finalists

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    1. I really like both fonts that you submitted!

    2. Kayla says:

      I love a good cursive font and yours is gorgeous!

      I haven’t read D*S in ages so I’m glad you linked to that contest. There were some amazing finalists!! LOVE that peacock one.

    3. Bri says:

      There have been some amazing ones, but I still realllly love your cursive font. Like I would buy it, for sure!

    4. angie says:

      your fonts are great, esp the simple cursive one. too bad they didn’t make it!

    5. Emily says:

      These are great! I was interested in participating in the contest, but the deadline passed me by….I wouldn’t have stood a chance….So much talent! Congratulations for your effort!

    6. Emily says:

      Love your cursive font!

    7. Love the casualty font!

      Great competition, I love me some creative fonts… They make me kind of wish I majored in graphic design in college. I considered it for a good while but chose education instead. After days like the day I had today at school, maybe I should have! :)

    8. Lindsay says:

      that cursive font is gorgeous! i’d pay money for that beauty. i’m liking these alot more than some of the finals. shoot!

    9. Brianne says:

      love the casualty one! great work!

    10. erin / dfm says:

      omg casualty is genius. will you still make that one for us minions? please please? :)

    11. Laurie says:

      I really love you fonts!

    12. megan v says:

      Actually, I really love YOURS!! The finalists are all really…gimicky? Yours are clean, beautiful and actually USEFUL!!! I”m really in love with the simple cursive one. Are you going to make it available to download??? It’s soooo gorgeous!!

    13. steph anne says:

      What?! I think yours are better than the ones that are on D*S! I really love your cursive font and would definitely buy it if you consider letting your lovely readers buy it. :)

    14. quinn says:

      i love both of them…especially the bottom ones. i want that to use everyday!!!

    15. Katie says:

      I love simple cursive! And definitely think it’s better than some of the finalists. ; )

    16. Rebecca says:

      i would have voted for either of those.
      Several of the finalists felt so sloppy to me. i like clean clear fonts. :) nice work melissa!

    17. Libby says:

      Your submissions are both lovely. I think they could certainly stand with the finalists that were chosen.

      I also thought that Mangy Sasquatch and Bachata were pretty great.

    18. I think they’re great! Casualty is unique

    19. tiffany says:

      i love your fonts! i would have voted for you if i had known. i haven’t even had the chance to hop over to D*S to vote yet.

    20. i like yours better than pretty much all the finalists… awesome job.

    21. A. Passage says:


    22. ashlee says:

      I like yours better. :) Especially the script… beautiful.

    23. Jen says:

      Your fonts are wonderful! I would especially love to use the cursive one. Beautiful work Melissa! As a trained designer, I would find it difficult to use the majority of the selected fonts that DS chose. Just sayin!

    24. SarahJane says:

      Yours are lovely. You are one talented girl. PS Have you seen the bobby-pin font that Madewell used??

    25. Katie says:

      I really love these. You definitely have great talent!

    26. Julie B. says:

      Your talent with script is awesome. I know these didn’t make that competition, but I LOVE them, esp the cursive! I’m wondering like others on here, is your cursive available for download or purchase?

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