A Sweet Christmas Gift


I have rad grandparents. Last Friday afternoon, my grandpa on my dad’s side rode his trike to my house for a quick visit. I always enjoy his visits. He’s full of all sorts of great stories & advice. Well, last Friday, he gave Chris & me a Christmas present that I will always treasure: his unsolicited advice in illustrated book form.

I quickly flipped through it & couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. I couldn’t wait to devour all of his advice & check out all of his illustrations. The book only took me a few minutes to read; each page was filled with loads of love & advice that I could definitely heed. I definitely watch way too much TV.

What’s the best homemade gift you’ve ever received?

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    1. That is soo sweet! What a wonderful gift!

    2. Amazing! He could probably publish that. Then it wouldn’t be quite so special, I suppose, but it really does look like something you could buy at Chapters.

    3. Natalie says:

      What a sweet, amazing gift! You DO have rad grandparents. I always wish I could’ve had more time with my grandparents as an adult to pick their brains about various topics….you are so lucky to still have yours in your life! :)

    4. Bellesme says:

      That is so awesome, and SOO sweet of him!
      Our TV doesnt even work, so we just watch stuff online, but only like shows or movies, its not like unnecessary TV thats always on, with commercials, and random talk shows and stuff like that.. so thats good =)

    5. Emily says:

      I love that little book! It’s the best gift ever!!! And super funny too!

    6. Kelly says:

      I love it! where can I get a copy!?

    7. b.a. says:

      what a treasure! put that on your list of “things to grab if our house is on fire” list. right below your kiddos. ;)

    8. Yes, that is really sweet. Guess what? You were in my dream last night. I guess that’s a sign I’m really overdue in getting together with you.

    9. Heidi says:

      How sweet!
      My mom knit and felted a beautiful bag for me a few Christmas’s ago. It was from ‘Santa’ yet my siblings had all seen her knitting it on a family road trip. It was my favorite gift that year! I still love it, and this post reminded me that I should pull it out again. I don’t often use bags but I’ll have to make a point to put it to use!

    10. That is amazingly wonderful!!

    11. Bree Cantu says:

      What a cool gift!

      My grandma has her diary from when she was a teenager still. I’ve sat down and got lost in it several times. She gives a very detailed list of every item in her closet and an even more detailed list of all the items she wishes were in it… lol teenagers!

    12. Erin R. says:

      I love it! My dad is a wonderful carpenter, so I have received some amazing things. My faves are my incredible sofa table, custom made for me, and the hand carved Christmas ornaments that I receive each year. I’m also fortunate to have a crafty sister who made me a GREAT hostess apron that was perfectly created just for me. I love homemade gifts. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

    13. Julia says:

      Does your grandpa need anymore granddaughters?

      My favorite gift I’ve ever made was a Costco book for Ben on his first father’s day. I put tons of pictures in it, and wrote a continuous poem about him and how much I love him. It’s still my favorite gift. :)

      Ben’s grandma who is 82 made us a rad quilt for both our wedding and Phineas’s birth. Those are treasures to me, too, since she’s my BFF.

    14. What a great gift. I’m sure, it’ll end up being one of your favourite gifts.

    15. Lilli says:

      What a beautiful gift, definitely something to treasure forever.

    16. WOW, that is an awesome present!

    17. Shaela says:

      what a wonderful, precious gift to have! I can’t think of many homemade gifts I have received… I’m kind of the crafty black sheep of the family, hahaha. But my husband has given me letters in lieu of gifts on occasion, and I treasure each of those. :)

    18. marissa says:

      awwwwww! that is the coolest thing ever. once again, i find myself inspired. now to just find an extra 8 hours every day. ;)

    19. Aja says:

      What an awesome gift! I love this.

    20. Ana says:

      Oh my God, what a great, sweet gift! I just lost my last grandmother this past summer… you’re very lucky to have them close.

    21. mandy says:

      this is SO awesome! what a seriously cool gift.

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