Cashmere Opera Mittens


I couldn’t help but be a tad jealous of Penelope & her mittens because that cashmere is SO soft & so warm. Thankfully, I had quite a bit of orange cashmere left over from making her little mittens. In fact, I had two sleeves left.

So, I made Opera mittens with the leftovers (and I made a beanie for Chris). They’re super long. I can scrunch them up or I can pull them all the way up to my elbows. Did I mention how HOT they are? Penelope & I had a lot of fun playing outside in the fresh snow this morning & neither of us came inside with cold hands. It made our outside adventure incredibly more fun.

I’m sure I could’ve made gloves, but as of late I’ve been completely converted to mittens. I got fur-lined mittens a couple months ago courtesy of DownEast Outfitters and have loved using them. Now I have two pairs of fabulous mittens, just in case I lose (or misplace) one pair. Which is likely with my scattered mom-brain.

Click the button below to download the tutorial!

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    1. Rebecca says:

      I love those! The extra length makes a fabulous addition to already adorable mittens. Now I want some!

    2. Emily says:

      Awesomeness! I actually want some really long gloves to go with some coats I inherited from my grandma. I recently learned the sleeves are a bit short b/c they’re meant to go with long gloves or mittens.

    3. Shaela says:

      I was a die hard glove fan until I got a pair of GOOD mitten as REI about a dozen years back. I will never have gloves again now, hahaha. Your new orange ones are darling!

    4. conundrum says:

      That’s so funny, because I was thinking after I read the child-size mitten post yesterday, how much I wanted a pair for myself!

    5. Bellesme says:

      Awww, so cute!! I like your scarf =)

    6. Carissa says:

      Well that didn’t help? Why are they called Opera Mittens?? And YOUR BABY BELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love it! :)

    7. Susanf says:

      Will you be doing a tutorial too? I L-O-V-E Opera Gloves and never thought to make my own. Love them (and you I Still Love Fashion site, giving lots of inspiration for my growing belly)

    8. kate says:

      SO cute and cozy! They would look great with a swing jacket in the Fall or Spring too!

    9. em says:

      and I was just trying to figure out if I could up-size the toddler mittens to make some for myself since they look so cozy. Please share?

    10. Deb says:

      k, so can you dress me for ALT Summit? Please? :) Love everything about these pictures… your hair, baby bump AND gloves!

    11. Ashley says:

      Okay, I’ve been following you for a bit and I just have to say…you are the most sassy pregnant woman ever. I’m absolutely in love with the way you dress!

      • Melissa says:

        Thank you all SO much!! You’re much too kind.

        I’m going to work on getting this pattern up in the next day or so. Check back on this post in the next few days if you’re interested in downloading the pattern!


    12. Maria says:

      Love these – So glad you are going to post a pattern. My girls will have fun making them and showing them off to their friends.

    13. Emily says:

      Okay, the mittens are super cute but what I really love is your hair. Seriously love it!

    14. SarahJane says:

      Killer hair AND belt! You’re darling.

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