New Pillow!


I’m starting to redecorate the living room. It’s coming along in some places, but I’m still at a loss for what to do. First on my priority list has been to recover all of my pillows. They’re all mis-matched in a not-good way & some of them I covered in fabric that does not wear well.

A couple weeks ago when I finished the butterfly chair, I had a little extra sewing motivation left over, so I used that to make this pillow. I’ve been inspired by stripes & textures recently, so I thought I’d make textured stripes in my fabric. I hap-hazardly made a ton of pintucks going from one end of the fabric to the other. I wasn’t too much concerned about each line being parallel or equadistant each other, I just made sure all of my seams were the same size. I really like the organic touch the hap-hazard approach looks!! I think I may have to repeat this technique in another fabric for another pillow. Or maybe a quilt? Oh geez.

Typically I just sew an envelope pillow, so I don’t have to fuss with zippers. A lot of that had to do with the fact that I couldn’t find my zipper foot anywhere. BUT!!! I found it while organizing my studio! hooray! I used a long metal zipper, one that I found while wandering the fabric shops of New York with Susan. I love these zippers, and I love the way they look exposed on the back of the pillow. I have to admit, I saw Susan use similar technique on her pillows at the Bijou Market before Thanksgiving & wanted to copy it, although I did mine on a slight diagonal. I thought putting the zipper in on the diagonal would be super tough, but it wasn’t! It was just about the same as putting it in straight.

The only drawback to this pillow is the zipper. While it looks super rad, We can’t really have it on our new couch, because it tends to scratch the leather. So, I either have to place it on the couch zipper side out, or put it on one of the chairs. Meh. Oh well. BTW, we got a new couch! OH. MY. GOSH. It’s like sitting on a supple leather cloud. We love it. It feels so nice to sit on it with my aching pregnant body.

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    1. Shaela says:

      love the pillows, and your couch sounds soooo nice!

    2. Linn says:

      The couch looks so inviting just from that corner. Where did you guys end up getting it? I like the pillow too. Cute.

    3. angie says:

      i agree! the pillows are nice with all those different textures. :-)

    4. meredith says:

      sooo cool! i always opt for the envelope pillow backs too. simple but not as classy for sure.

    5. laura says:

      I LOVE the pillow with the zipper out! Its so unique

    6. erin says:

      i love the textured line pillow!

      and a new couch?! that’s awesome- we are still using the one my parents handed off to us when we first moved in together 6 years ago and can’t wait for a new one!

    7. Sidney says:

      I agree with Laura, zipper out! And more of ’em. I’m inspired :)

    8. Em says:

      yep, love love love the zipper like that..!! love the textured pillow front too. i have been needing to make pillow covers for our couch so this is a great push! thanks.

    9. Heidi says:

      Awesome pillow, I love that you put the zipper on a diagonal! I might have to swipe that idea next time I make a pillow cover!

    10. Maria says:

      I have been looking for pillows for weeks now! No luck. I wish I was crafty like you and could make my one. Love yours!

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