Ready for the Holidays


All of my Christmas gifts are tied up with string & ready to give! All save the three that are en route & won’t make it to our house in time for our 7am flight tomorrow morning. That’s okay. I’m not stressing about anything this year. It could be because I’m medicated, or that I’m keeping things simple this year.

I didn’t go to great lengths to handmake all of my gifts this year as I’ve done in the past; that was stressful. But I have managed to make a couple (I’ll share with you after Christmas) and keep holiday spending to a minimum. To make my gifts a little more special, I took some extra time to wrap each one with care & love. I’m totally digging the black, tan, gold, grey, white color scheme that I’ve got going on, I had to share a couple of pics with you.

Tomorrow(Wednesday) I’ll be over at For The Love sharing tips on what I did & the sources & cost of wrapping these gifts, so you’ll have to make sure to stop by & check it out. I did want to give you a little sneak peek & a little shout out here to whet your appetite.

I want to give We R Memory Keepers a little shout out for the black glitter paper on the gift tags. They were generous to give me a bunch of glitter flocked paper a while back, but I’ve been hesitant to use it all up. I thought using it for the gift tags would be the perfect little bling touch to my holiday wrappings!

I found this black velvet & white wallpaper in my stash (I love!) that seemed so perfect with the combo of papers I’ve been using. AND, I found some rustic hand-dyed paper that I made back in my college bookbinding days. It makes for the perfect manly wrapping for Christmas.

I hope y’all have the happiest of holidays this season filled with lots of loved ones, good food & safe travel!

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    1. So pretty. Love this. Did you do your own calligraphy for the names?

    2. Louise says:

      This is amazing, these presents look great! The people getting these are very lucky. My favourite is the one for Dad. Merry Christmas!

    3. Sarah Jane says:

      Oh yes, you’re the bomb. Again. I came over to let you know that your post is up today! Thank you so much for being willing! After all, I AM a huge fan.

      P.S. Totally remember when you posted your gold keds. I was kinda envious. We should wear them on the same day.

    4. I love your presentation, especially the sewn edges. Sweet detailing.

    5. Chelsea says:

      Let me begin by saying I love you. I love your site and everything you offer on it. I feel like I am going to spontaneously combust with all the inspiration and creativity you have filled me with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      Can’t wait for what’s to come.


    6. Rose says:

      Beautiful Gifts! Have a joyful holiday!

    7. Amy Lou says:

      Merry Christmas to you! Your gift wrapping is gorgeous. I love the sewn edges and your handwriting. Love and peace!

    8. lara says:

      Merry Christmas and happy new year! You also fill my life up with great ideas!
      Lara and Maia

    9. Bellesme says:

      I really like Scott’s the wrapping paper is very different!

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