Shelley’s Upcycled Hat


My sister-in-law is in industrial design school right now & has the coolest assignments. While we were in Phoenix I saw her work on a couple of them; one of which is the following hat. The assignment was for her to take something completely useless & turn it into something functional & desirable. She did a great job transforming a useless soccer ball into a cloche-style winter hat. A hat which I’m sure she’s wearing right this minute (Brr! It’s cold!).

I love it! I think her facial expressions make the hat even radder. We were in Phoenix when Shelley made the hat, so it was a bit too warm to really wear it there. It’s literally like a furnace on your head, which is perfect for the crazy cold weather we’ve been having here in SLC!

I think this hat would look totally awesome if rocked with a giant puffy white coat with grey mittens, bright colored leggings & white fur-lined winter boots. Don’t you agree?

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    1. Shaela says:

      wow, that is awesome!!! she needs to make a bunch and sell them on Etsy for all those futbol enthusiasts out there :)

    2. Nicia says:

      I totally agree with Shaela’s comment! Shelley could really probably go somewhere with this creative soccer hat thing. Go Shelley!!

    3. Laura says:

      This hat is really ugly. I’m not even being mean – this is the truth.

    4. Teresa __ says:

      Laura is right.
      : (

    5. linda says:

      very creative use of materials

    6. Jeri says:

      I like it. Shelley makes an great model. And Happy early Birthday to Shelley!

    7. Shelley says:

      Thank you everyone! I think I’ll wear it tomorrow in honor of this oh so kind post.

    8. Bahaha I can’t stop laughing. I’m a soccer player–so this is brilliant.


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