Thrifty & Chic: Gold Slippers


Penelope is growing like a weed these days! Her pants & shirts are shrinking before our eyes & her feet have finally decided to grow. Not that I’m complaining. She fit in the same sneakers for a year. That’s pretty remarkable for a toddler, in my opinion.¬†She’s grown out of her Sunday shoes, so I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement. Her old shoes were sweet silver glittery slippers from Payless. I liked them a lot, but she grew out of them quickly & Pen got marker on the inside of them, therefore staining every single pair of socks she ever wore a bright magenta.

I found these lovelies a few weeks ago & gladly snatched them up for $2. They’re a little scuffed in the toe, but in otherwise perfect condition. They’re gold leather Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes. Kenneth Cole Reaction for toddlers? Who would’ve thought? They’re great & Pen loves to wear them, too.

What kinds of finds have you scored lately? I really do love it when you share. Please leave links in the comments!

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    1. Emily says:

      Those shoes are amazing! Great find!

    2. Amy says:

      It’s not recent, but I have found a lot of great things while thrifting, garage sale-ing and also here in SLC we are fortunate to have some amazing estate sales – even my husband loves to go with me!

    3. That is a fantastic find. I just bought gold glittery ballet slippers for my goddaughter to wear to Christmas Mass. I. cannot. wait.
      Little feet in ballet slippers makes me giggle.

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