Thrifty & Chic: Thrift-a-Thon Recap


Last Saturday was SO much fun! I truly couldn’t wipe the giant smile off my face all weekend. On top of being surrounded by a fun, sassy group of women, I found some FABULOUS stuff. I thought I’d share my spoils with you:

I’ve been on the look out for sweet baby boy clothes as of late & just about died when I saw this U.S. Polo association sport jacket for $1.

I also found a sweet $1 sailor romper for Felix AND a $1 hand knit sweater. I’m thinking the sweater was probably meant for a girl, but I’m totally cool with that. The bold blue & green sort of says “androgynous” to me.

I found 3 (one’s not pictured, cause Pen’s wearing it right now) hand-made thermal tees for $6 total. I can tell they’re handmade, but whoever made them surely did an awesome job! I love these sweet little prints.

I found the raddest gaudy blue & gold leather belt for $1 for me. I can’t wait to wear it. I know it’ll look so much better on me when I actually have a waist again, but for now, I’m totally going to sport it above my growing bump.

I’ve worn these leather booties every day since Saturday. I love, love them! I especially like the urban/western vibe they give off. They’re Nine West & I scored them for $5.

Last but not least, I found a little $6 something for Chris. Chris just started a new job last week where the dress code is all white shirts all the time. White shirts can get a little boring, so I was particularly excited to find one that has a little flair to it. I’m digging the epaulets. They totally accentuate his big shoulder muscles.

I surely wasn’t the only one to score some fab finds. Sydney found 2 rad pairs of boots, Sarah found silver glittery keds (I’m so jealous) and Ashlee stepped out of her comfort zone & bought a skinny belt to go with her new tuxedo button-up. Of course those are all the things I can remember off the top of my head. Our little thrifting excursion was such a success, I’m definitely going to do it again. However, I think next time I’ll be a little more organized with the first meet-up. We all kind of wandered the aisles of D.I. asking random women if they were part of the Thrift-a-thon, because no one person knew everyone.

So, have you found any good finds recently? Leave your links in the comments!

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    1. GREAT finds! I really need to go thrift shopping!

    2. the thrifty ba says:

      love the belt and the cowboy shoes! which di did you hit?

    3. jackie says:

      wish i could have gone! tell me what thrift stores are your fav? i love di but only have luck at certain ones. the centerville, sugarhouse and west jordan are my favorite. and i love the savers on ft union. the savers in layton is terrible!

    4. Bellesme says:

      I like the belt! The color is beautiful!
      Hahah people were probably like “thrift-a-thon?what?” =D

    5. Faith says:

      Those are great finds! I wish I had made it to DI with you guys. It was great seeing you! It was so nice of you to organize the whole outing.

    6. meredith says:

      i so wish i lived in UT! but only to go thrifitng this one time. the snow though, the snow. i had to settle for thrifting with my little sis in my very own goodwill. fun. but not such a big party.

    7. Emily says:

      That last shirt is the same type my Dad wears, and he’s a pilot! Probably why there are epaulets on the shoulders :)

    8. Ivana says:

      AWESOME finds! i adore that jacket (#1) and shirt (#2) a lot! you’re such a true thrifter. you find the greatest stuffs! :)

    9. Anabel says:

      I love the way you find things. You make it look so easy!
      The only thing I am not particularly fond of using second-hand are shoes. Clothes you can wash, but what do you do to shoes? How do you “prepare” them?

      • Melissa says:

        Thanks! That is one of those things that can be a little creepy, sticking your feet in some random stranger’s tossed aside shoes. I’m pretty picky with shoes & make sure the insides are clean/unworn before purchasing. I should spray them all with lysol disinfectant, but I forget.

    10. SarahJane says:

      Melissa- you are SUCH a thrifting Jem. It’s like I told you, you find style in stuff that I wouldn’t normally see. It was so great to shop with someone who gets just as excited about DI as I do, and has a fresh outlook on style. I cannot BULIEVE that jacket was $1. I kind of wished it was in E’s size, but I’m really happy for little Felix. :) Also, those shoes looked amazing on you. You can pull stuff off that not many can, i.e. raddest Nike sweatshirt ever…

      I need to post an outfit with my shoes. They are amazing!!

    11. Laura says:

      Not shoes or clothes but a recent thrifting score:

    12. […] in November at the Thrift-A-Thon, I found a fabulous handmade dress (that I neglected to share) for $2. It’s super sweet, like […]

    13. Holly says:

      Melissa, I’m still totally envying that bright blue belt – love it! Thanks again for such a fanTAStic event. When are we going again?!

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