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Altitude Summit last week was fabulous. It’s so fun to meet other bloggers (especially the ones you look up to!) and benefit from their advice. If you’re totally confused as to what this thing is (or why I’m blogging about it the second year in a row), let me fill you in: It’s the best conference out there for design-savvy, awesome bloggers. I say this not because I put myself in that category, but because you can find the best of the best bloggers in the design/lifestyle/diy community. It was such a thrill to meet Danni, catch up with Kathleen, tag along with Kirsten, chit chat with Ryan & Cole and rub elbows with countless other creative superstars.

I saw this conference as one of my last big hurrahs before Felix makes his debut. It was so energizing to socialize with like-minded men & women! To sum up what the conference was all about, I think the bullet points from Tina’s closing keynote will do more justice to the conference than my words ever could:

  • Always credit your sources.
  • Respect the reader.
  • Keep it light.
  • Blog with the right intentions, know what’s important.
  • Images, images, images!
  • Find your place & own it. What makes you different?
  • There is such a thing as blogging too much
  • Be personal & approachable.
  • Know what not to post about.

I like that this bullet list could go beyond the realm of blogging & into every day life. It’s so important to be respectful, genuine, positive, personal & unique whether or not blogging is a part of it! I thought it was great to hear all of this at the beginning of the year, when I’m still thinking about resolutions.

image via alt summit flickr page

I had an absolute blast teaching calligraphy at Alt! I had the hopes of getting a few pics of my own of the class, but alas I left my camera battery at home. HUGE BUMMER. Thankfully a few shots were taken by the Altitude Summit Photographer to document my experience. The class went incredibly well, despite my nervousness. See, the night before class I had a horrible nightmare that the class went poorly & everyone was saying awful things about it. I’m self conscious like that. Thankfully that nightmare (and the one about my water breaking during the conference) was never realized.

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Thrifty & Chic: Alt Summit Excursion

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As part of the Alt Summit festivities, there was a small group of us bloggers that went around Salt Lake for a little thrift shopping excursion. We had such a great time getting to know each other & talking shop. Everyone found great stuff and I’m sure many of the ladies were more than a bit frustrated trying to fit all their goodies in their luggage for the trek home.

Again, I went with the intent to find a headboard, a chair, a sideboard and/or dresser. No such luck. I’ve got to get more aggressive on my hunt for these things. Time is ticking & I need to find at least a few of those items before Felix arrives. While I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I did seem to find a few things I couldn’t justify living without.

I scored the above Nine West leather purse for $2! Since finding my brown purse, I’ve been wanting something black, too. These will both be my everyday purses. The black purse is sort of small, but has plenty of room to hold all of my stuff, plus a few baby/diapering essentials. It’s got two compartments so I can separate what’s mine from all the kiddie riff raff.

I found these pinkish, nudish patent leather heels for $9! It’s a tad more than I’m used to spending when it comes to thrifted shoes, but these babies are 1)BCBG -originally around $200! 2) super hot & 3) very comfortable for 4 inch heels. I’m totally digging the nude heel these days, I think it lengthens the legs & looks hot. Unfortunately there are some scuffs (not pictured) that I’ve not been able to take off with my usual nail polish method. I may take them into a cobbler to see if removing them is even possible.

Penelope is showing off her favorite dance move: the plié.

No thrift shopping experience is complete without a glance through the little kid’s section. I found a burbery look-a-like plaid jumper for Penelope for $3. It’s SO darling on her! I really couldn’t pass this one up. I love it.

Have you found any good deals lately? Please Share!

Last week’s awesome thrift finds: Abby found the most adorable Crew Cuts sweater for $3 & Mary found a real vintage Burberry coat for $4!

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    1. Diana Smith says:

      I really love those tips you listed. They are so true!

    2. Penelope is too cute. And those flats!

      Would have loved to be in your calligraphy class! Heard great things about it. Thanks for the re-cap and tips!

    3. Polly Scott says:

      Yes, thanks for the tips. I’m happy to hear that there is such a thing as blogging too much . . . that means I can eat now.

    4. abby says:

      Those BCBG heels are SO cute! LOVE em.

      p.s. thanks for the linky love. ;)

      I just scored another crewcuts shirt at savers tonight. What are the odds. I kind of wish this one was in my size. ha! I would totally wear it.

    5. Aimee says:

      Love the purse, and those shoes were a steal! :) It was fun to meet you at the Dinner With, I put my adorable heart sticker from your card to good use already (it’s on my water bottle). Wish we had been able to chat a bit more, but it sure is fun to find new blogs to read.

    6. Before you take them to a cobbler, try a magic eraser. The kind used for walls and such. I’ve had good luck on some more stubborn marks on my heels. Good luck!

    7. Emily says:

      Okay, those shoes? Totally worth the $9! They’re fabulous!!!

    8. Katie says:

      Thanks for the recap– sounds like the Thrifty & Chic outing was such fun too!

    9. Melissa says:


      Unfortunately the magic eraser didn’t work on these scuffs. It usually does the trick, but not this time. BOO.

    10. Yes… there is definitely such a thing as blogging too much. This is my number one pet peeve. Why do some bloggers have to post 5 times per day??

      What is your usual method with the scuff marks and nail polish?

    11. I loooove the purse. I’ve been looking for a purse that was both stylish and simple/classy. Lucky.

    12. ira lee says:

      have you tried a magic eraser on the scuff marks. it might work!

    13. Your nightmare about having your water break at Alt Summit made me laugh.

      P.S. I’m really into nude heels too. They do wonders for my 5′ 3″ frame. ;) (I wish they worked wonders on my bunion too.)


    14. Heidi says:

      Those are some great tips–and so true. I have read blogs that eventually turned disrespectful, everyone knows the type, the ‘I don’t care if you don’t agree with me, this is my blog, I can say what I want.’ I mean, it’s great that you have an opinion but please, let’s stay away from controversial topics, it’s just disrespectful.
      Alt summit sounds awesome, I’ve been hearing all about it from so many of you awesome bloggers! :) I would love to make it there some year. I imagine it is incredibly inspiring!

    15. abby says:


      I just got the current issue of Real Simple in the mail today and they had ten different smoothie recipes. Thought you might be interested!

    16. Dianne says:

      Those shoes are simply gorgeous! An excellent take on the nude heel, I must say. Hear, hear! ;D

    17. erin says:

      great list of bullet points. something i struggle with is keeping it light. i really try! it’s a hard when you like to write. i’ve thought about creating one blog for design/projects/thrift and keeping my own for personal blog, but then i think “well, maybe i should just cut the personal blog instead.” i just can’t decide!


      anyway, GREAT score on the shoes! Wow! hot is right.

      last week i went thrifting in MN with the hopes of finding a few dining room chairs, a tall, narrow shelf or something similar, or a chair for our library. no such luck, but i did find these drinking glasses that i’m totally smitten over:

      and a cool part aside from the graphics is that they are narrow so i don’t lose anything out the side (i must tip my glass too fast or something, this is a regular occurrence for me!)

    18. shauna says:

      Had so much fun with you girls! You need to show a photo of that awesome belt you got!

    19. Haylee says:

      Those heels! Oh my goodness those heels. I CANNOT believe you found those for $9.

    20. Great recap! Dottie and I had such a great time with you guys…..thrifting on saturday was for sure a highlight!!

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