Spinach Smoothies


Way back when Chris & I were dating, one of Chris’s roommates offered me some of his disgusting-looking green smoothie. I asked what was in it & he simply replied, “Lots of spinach & fruit.” I bravely gave it a try & absolutely loved it. Gosh, it’s been somewhere around 5 years since then and now that we just bought a new blender and loads of spinach in the house, I’ve been thinking about making something similar.

Last week, I asked if any of you have spinach smoothie recipes & THANK YOU for all of the links, recipes & suggestions! It definitely got me going in the right direction. I didn’t follow any┬áparticular┬árecipe for the smoothie I made this morning, but I took bits & pieces from all the recipes you suggested. I threw in pineapple, 100% pineapple juice, frozen 100% orange juice concentrate, a generous handful of spinach, frozen bananas and vanilla yogurt.

My first job (at 15) was working at Jamba Juice with my older sister. We had such a great time working together and it was there that I learned the secret to smoothie perfection: add liquids, solids THEN frozens in that order; a little bit of orange juice makes every smoothie wonderful and frozen fruit in lieu of ice cream or ice is the best way to thicken up a smoothie.

Penelope devoured the smoothie, as did I. It was so delicious. I just loved how Penelope kept chanting, “Mmm, dewishush!” (Mmm, delicious!) with every sip. I’m going to be making it again. I also think I’m going to make every excuse to use my blender, too. It’s awesome.

Thanks again to everyone who pointed me in the right direction for a delicious spinach smoothie!!

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    1. Kersey says:

      thanks for the tips! I’m heading out to get what we need and making them ASAP. Gotta get more veggies in the little man’s diet!

    2. julie says:

      sounds delicious! I have been dying to make a spinach shake for a while now-this has convinced me that I NEED to do it!

    3. Emily says:

      I worked at Jamba Juice too(!)- mostly so I could get a free smoothie every day. Anyway, I was skeptical about spinach shakes but I trust your smoothie opinions. :)

    4. Emily says:

      Okay, you may have finally convinced me to try a “green” smoothie. I’ve been putting it off and naysaying for a long time! Because I’m someone who needs an actual recipe, would you mind sharing it? :)

    5. Johanna says:

      OK, going to try spinach smoothies too. I just put spinach on my grocery list! Will let you know how it goes…

    6. Shaela says:

      yum!! I worked at a deli when I was in high school and we made smoothies too. I still have some of the “secret recipes” stashed away that I make on occasion, hehehe

    7. Eva says:

      Love spinach smoothies! Delicious cupfuls of health is what they are. My fav would have to be mango and spinach smoothie!

    8. Heidi says:

      Yum! It sounds like I make smoothies the right way! ;) I’ve been eating…er, drinking, smoothies for lunch lately. I also add a handful of oatmeal. My husbands thinks I’m a little weird but he has tried one of my smoothies and even he had to admit that they are pretty good!

    9. Stephanie says:

      the idea of this is sounding quite wonderful {and might redeem my food choices after just munching on bacon! gasp!}… i wish i had the ingredients right now! and thank you for the tip from your days at jamba juice… i feel like i am a bit inadequate in the smoothie department, so every tip helps!

    10. Yum but I love spinach anyway. My kids devoured spinach in turkey/spinach manicotti this weekend (and tonight as leftovers). I love seeing them eat such healthy food!

    11. tara says:

      I’m inspired!

    12. Dianne says:

      YUM. I love smoothies! My favorite is strawberry yogurt, frozen strawberries, and pineapple orange juice. I’ll have to try putting spinach in one time… ;D

    13. Elizabelle says:

      We’ve been eating spinach smoothies since the day my husband said he “doesn’t like spinach.” One everyday for breakfast. With busy schecdules it works great to prep them in ziplocs and keep in the freezer. Each night I toss one ziploc in the fridge and by morning it’s good to go! Our fave is spinach/pineapple/lemon/strawberries.

    14. andrea says:

      Oh, that looks so yummy. Thanks for the tips on the smoothies!

    15. I’m so happy to see green smoothies all over the web these days.. I need to get my own juicer and start making some! That handkerchief is adorable.

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