Thrifty & Chic: Leather Purse


Chris & I have been hard at work trying to get the house all organized & decorated in time for the arrival of baby Felix. This weekend we worked on getting curtains & artwork up in the living room. It’s been a tiring process and I have to admit, hanging artwork puts me in a sour mood.¬†We also reorganized the room to open up the floor plan a bit. While reorganizing, I’ve been taking a mental note of the things we could use that would really make the space a) more organized and b) POP!

It’s come down to these things: I need a sideboard for the kitchen, a new headboard for our bedroom, a sidetable for the livingroom & a full-length mirror for our bedroom. Last night I headed to D.I. to see if I could score any of those things, but no luck. I’ll just have to be persistent & troll all the thrift stores & classifieds in the area until I find what I need. On the bright side, I did find some great blue leather shoes (not pictured). They’re super comfy; perfect for these last 5 weeks of pregnancy. AND. . . I found – and purchased – my first leather purse.

I feel like a grown up now that I own a nice leather purse! This baby cost a whopping $2. It’s simple, very functional & so trendy with the long strap & camel color. I’m pretty stoked about my find. For it’s size, it holds a surprising amount of stuff. I might be switching to a bigger, bulkier bag once Felix comes around; but for now it’s my new everyday purse. Love it!

What have you found recently? Please share! Last week Amy (the music player is at the bottom of her site, FYI)¬†shared with me all of her scores. SERIOUSLY, who gets lucky enough to find an Eames-style lounge chair for $30?!? I’m still incredibly jealous.

Here’s how I accessorized the purse today.

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    1. Rebecca says:

      Awesome purse! Great find. Can’t wait to see the shoes.

    2. Emily says:

      I was going to write exactly what Rebecca did. :)

    3. Elise Curtis says:

      I got a great brown/wicker(ish) mirror at Ikea for $60- full length and it looks great! They have great deals!

    4. Moe says:

      OOoooooh I like it! I love the creamy color. Happy thrifting :)

    5. Great purse! My husband gave me two purses from a thrift store for cmas, along with other things, so sweet!

    6. Heather C. says:

      Cute purse! I am soooo jealous though of Amy’s chair. Anything mid-century modern is a fan of my heart.

    7. Katie says:

      Beautiful purse! I have been wanting a good, grown-up leather bag myself but, so far, have been unwilling to pay the price for the cute one’s I’ve found… Hope the art-work hanging goes more smoothly…the first intense fight I think I ever got into with my husband somehow involved us attempting to hang a circular Ikea mirror;)

    8. Laura Noble says:

      I got a fantastic buffet unit at the local salvo’s for $35 – a steal!

    9. abby says:

      I like the purse that you found. I prefer leather purses but they can be so pricey brand new! Here’s a few of my latest thrift store finds.

    10. Amy says:

      Thanks for the shout out! I was looking around my house the other day after your post and was amazed at how many things I have scored at thrift stores! What would I do without them – my house would be bare! How I love clueless people with bad taste to leave so many treasures for me to find! Happy thrifting!

    11. erin says:

      what is with all the eames-style finds lately?! this is the 4th blog i’ve seen in a week that has had such luck! i need to stop in at Savers & St. Vinnies more frequently.

    12. leni says:

      awesome find! i havent been thrifting in so long and my current situation will keep from going until school is paid for. i’m so jealous of your beautiful find! so classic and chic.

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