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My sister-in-law got hitched two weekends ago. Yahoo! I’m so excited for her & her hubby. They got married down in Manti, UT (read: almost geographical center of Utah, very small town) on Saturday. They couldn’t have picked a better day to get married. The snow was still on the ground, the sun was partly sunny and it wasn’t terribly cold. I’m sure it was somewhere in the high 30s, low 40s. The weather made for some fabulous photo ops.

Lindsay kept her wedding very simple & didn’t fuss about a reception or much of anything, really. What a happy way to get married; denying the stress/anxiety of finding a caterer, cake, flowers, invites, etc. She paid the most attention to her dress, which I just LOVE. I also love her shoes. They’re real snakeskin.

She was brilliant & found her dress at a local vintage store; Decades. That place has the best vintage dresses for special occasions. Lindsay found her dress for $30. The shoes were vintage, too. They were $20. I love that her entire ensemble cost $50 (not including alterations). What a way to go!

If I hadn’t worn my mother’s wedding dress (all of us girls did – my mom, aunt, two sisters & me!), I definitely would’ve gone this route. Lindsay’s dress is so unique, beautiful, simple & brilliant! LOVE it.

I went to Decades with a bunch of ladies from ALT this last weekend. I’ll be showing you later this week what I found there!

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    1. Anna says:

      I love her dress…. and her shoes. I’m in love with her shoes.
      And…. I just realized, my dad was your husband’s Mission President. Crazy hum? I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and then when you mentioned your wedding dress, I got a little stocker-ish and searched you on facebook (I was curious to see your dress) and saw that you’re Elder Esplins’ wife! haha

    2. Felicity says:

      Oh. my. heavens! LOVE the dress! And the whole “simple” thing. That’s what I plan to do for my wedding. No fuss, just the bliss. ;) Thanks for sharing! I’m envious!!! :D


    3. julie says:

      My sister and I both got our wedding dresses at Decades. It is a serious treasure trove of pretty things!

    4. Wow! I absolutely adore her outfit and now I guess I’ve got to check out this Decades place.

    5. Heidi says:

      That is seriously fantastic! I think weddings get a little over the top sometimes, it’s good to hear about someone simplifying their special day!

    6. Meredith says:

      They look so happy! Just how a wedding day should be.

      On a side note, I would LOVE to see photos of your mom, aunt, sisters and YOU in your mom’s wedding dress! It’s either a very forgiving cut or you’re all the same size. :)

    7. Dang, I pass Decades every time I go to SLC (living in Provo at the moment), but I’ve never stepped inside! Looks like I’ll have to remedy that situation as soon as possible. Can’t wait to see what treasures you snagged!

    8. abby says:

      Oh I LOVE your SIL’s dress and shoes. Those shoes are seriously gorgeous! And of course I love that they are vintage. So fun!

    9. Kemari says:

      I feel like you should post a picture of YOUR wedding dress. With what a Chic Stylin Chick you are, you must’ve done something super great with it! Post Post Post!

    10. Jenn says:

      Congrats to Lindsay & Hubby!! We were all impressed by her dress when we saw the first trickle of Facebook photos. It’s so her.

    11. Shasta says:

      Would love to see your wedding pictures!

    12. Kayleigh says:

      OMG, I love it! And the price she paid? I DIE!

      I was engaged once upon a time and had a hard time finding dresses that were long enough and didn’t break the bank (I’m 1/2″ short of 6′)… Luckily my need for a dress went away, but I decided that whenever I do get married I want a tea-length dress!

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