Thrifty & Chic: White Leather Shoes


I went on the hunt for a cool chair/stool for Chris to practice his guitar on, but no luck. I did however find a heart shaped wire basket to add to my collection & a pair of sweet white leather saddle-style shoes for Penelope for $2.

Aren’t these adorable? They’re in practically unworn condition, too. I think Penelope will look mighty cute with her pomegranate dress, pink tights & these shoes. ALSO, I think when Felix gets big enough, they’d look mighty cute on him with a little seersucker suit. Don’t you agree? These shoes are leather with leather soles. I’ve got to be careful that Penelope doesn’t wear them when it’s too wet or icy outside. I imagine with her coordination & zeal for being outside she’d slip & fall on her face.

Have you found any great deals lately? Share, share!

I’ve got another one: a few weeks ago Chris broke the glass pitcher to our blender, so we decided it was time to replace the thing (Sadly it would’ve cost more to replace the pitcher than get a new one). We scored! We watched America’s test kitchen to see what blenders they recommended & found our new Kitchenaid blender on Amazon for $60 less than list price. PLUS, since we have Amazon prime, we got free 2 day shipping. SCORE! Now that is how you buy a blender. I want every little excuse to use it. Do you have any good smoothie suggestions that call for spinach? Please share.

ALSO, I just have to give a shout out to Laura & Abby for sharing their sweet deals with me last week. Laura scored a solid Teak buffet for $35. SERIOUSLY. How amazing is that?!? Abby found a set of playmobil characters + car for 99¢. I love those old school toys!

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    1. Michelle says:

      I love smoothies with spinach! Mine are pretty basic. Spinach, a banana, soy milk, flax seed, ice and sometimes some frozen strawberries. I think I got the idea from Angela over on Oh She Glows ( who actually has a website dedicated just to green smoothies called Green Monster Movement (

      Have fun with your new blender! I love America’s Test Kitchen!

    2. Missy says:

      I love spinach smoothies! Here’s my favorite.

      1 bag of spinach
      Frozen fruit
      a Greek Yogurt

      blend together, then add water or juice until it’s the consistency you want. Even my little girl loves it! And my husband even admitted to liking it once he got over the color :)

    3. this is our favorite:

      4 oz. organic pineapple coconut juice
      1 ripe, frozen banana
      2 cups organic baby spinach

      my kids LOVE this, i LOVE it.

    4. Megan says:

      I have never had a smoothie with spinach, nor have I made one before, but a blogger I follow actually blogged about one today! How ironic! It sounds delicious and I’m going to try it:

    5. Alicia says:

      Hi! I always read your blog (and love it) but i’ve been too shy to comment. When you mentioned a spinach smoothie I immediately thought about this post on one of my favorite blogs because I find the recipe quite intriguing, haven’t tried it yet but here it is:

    6. Erin says:

      i haven’t been thrifting in a while. too much time off school!

      i am digging the shoes. they will be great on Felix when he is bigger too.

      i am so drooling over the teak buffet! amazing!

    7. abby says:

      I love finding shoes for myself or the ittles in great condition. Great find on the little leather shoes. It’s nice both of your kiddos will get some use out of them!

      Here’s latest finds, {crewcuts, richard scary

      p.s. our blender just died too. We had an expensive kitchen aid one but it kept breaking. I was tired of having it repaired so we opted to get a cheaper one from target this time around. i hope you ended up with a nicer one that won’t give you any problems. Happy blending! ;)

    8. andrea says:

      Those are so stinking cute! Can’t wait to see them in an outfit.

    9. Erin R. says:

      I just throw some spinach into any smoothie that I make. I don’t have a specific recipe. Going to try one with avocado this week.

    10. Tamara says:

      Everyday Food Magazine had a whole section of smoothie recipes this month, several of which had spinach. Enjoy!

    11. Heidi says:

      I don’t have a specific recipe, I just throw spinach in with plain yogurt, berries, raw honey, and a banana if I have it. I have also used kale in place of spinach.

    12. Sarah Jane says:

      Those shoes will look amazingly darling on Pen!

    13. FancyLads says:

      Those are amazing! Great find :)

    14. Johanna says:

      I have the same blender and also got it on sale on Amazon about a year ago. That is the GREATEST. BLENDER. EVER. — great blending power, no leaks, easy to clean. Making smoothies is the only way I can get my 4 year old to eat any fruit. Spinach smoothie doesn’t sound great to me but if I might give it a try in an attempt to get him to eat some veggies too.

      My go to smoothie is as follows:
      scoop of plain yogurt
      splash of V8 V-fusion juice (acai & mixed berry)
      scoop of soy protein powder
      combo of frozen berries from Costco (blueberry, raspberry, marionberry)
      squeeze of lime juice

    15. […] week, I asked if any of you have spinach smoothie recipes & THANK YOU for all of the links, recipes & suggestions! It definitely got me going in the […]

    16. Niccole says:

      Obsessed with the leather shoes!
      I make smoothies everyday… one of my fav’s is as follows:
      Almond milk or rice milk
      almond butter or peanut butter
      Cocoa powder
      I usually just fill the blender up a little less than 1/2 with the ingredients & blend.
      Enjoy the new blender.

    17. Belinda says:

      Those shoes are KILLER! Where did you get them? I need to find whatever thrift shop you’re going to.

    18. […] used one of her shoes to trace a pattern of the sole, then I had her stand on the pattern while I made adjustments for a […]

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