A Little V-day Calligraphy


I just completed a little calligraphy project for a client for Valentine’s day. This sweet couple is celebrating their 10th anniversary. She wanted me to put their initials inside a heart, which I think is a fabulous idea. I think I may use this for my own Valentine’s day celebrations. That is, of course, if Felix hasn’t come by then. ;)

The writing looks much prettier in person. For some reason the lighting on the paper looks really stark. I mixed orange and burgundy inks together to create more of a rose red.

I’m really getting in the mood to do something fun for Valentine’s day. Especially since I’ve got that 6 inch heart stamp. I really need to put it to use . . . and SOON!

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    1. Marina says:

      That’s lovelly. I think I’ll try something like that on Valentine’s Day too.

    2. Angela says:

      This is beautiful, thanks for sharing. Do you have any resources that you recommend and or tutorials of your own for beginners to do their own calligraphy?

    3. I love the card !! It’s lovely :)

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