Heart Stamp Pillow


Again, I’m getting great use out of my gigantic heart stamp! The mess up was perfect timing, if you ask me. What would I have done for Valentine’s day decorations & gifts had I not had this stamp?

Penelope loves sleeping & cuddling with her pillows, so I thought I’d make her a little heart pillow for her collection! Happy Valentine’s my dove! Thankfully she doesn’t read this blog so I can share this with you before I give it to her. I’m pretty pleased with how the pillow turned out, although the printing of the heart turned out a little messier than I had hoped. I ended up having to paint in where the ink was too light, but I still like the effect of it all.

To allow for easy cleaning of her new pillow, I made a muslin pillow form and then I made the cover. I added a visible zipper to the cover for easy removal & just because I thought it’d look cool. Do you see the velvet scalloped ribbon? OH MY GOODNESS. When I taught calligraphy to the lovely folks at American Crafts a few months ago, they gave me that ribbon (along with some other goodies). I LOVE this ribbon. Even though their ribbon is packaged & sold at craft/scrapbooking stores, it makes for wonderful embellishments with sewing projects. And really, I’m just sharing this with you because I love their ribbon. Not because they asked me to. Again, did I mention how much I love their ribbon?!?

Are you making anything fun for Valentine’s? ALSO, do you have multiple kiddies? I’m trying to think of something special to do/give to Penelope when Felix comes as a “big sister” prize. Any ideas?

For today’s pre-labor non-maternity outfit, click here.

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    1. Moe says:

      this is so cute! I love that stamp, I see it has so many uses. The way you’ve decorated this pillow is so perfect. I may put some scalloped ribbon on something, I am going to play on my sewing machine tonight!

    2. angie says:

      this is great, and cute! im not making anything for valentine’s, but i do enjoy seeing all these valentines-related blog posts and the diy projects. :-)

    3. whit says:

      your pillow is cute enough from the front, but the back! wow — i love it! cute little details everywhere. thanks for sharing your talents!

    4. Anjela says:

      So adorable! That’s such a sweet gift, and one she’ll always look back on dearly! My mom always gave my brother and I some little Valentine’s Day gifts when we were young, and I have very fond memories of them!

      A not on your previous post–You look awesome! I’m in awe with your impeccable maternity style! So, I’ve passed on a little blog award for you, and you can view it at: http://adoseofdelight.blogspot.com/2011/02/big-thanks.html


    5. Bellesme says:

      So.. I thought the pillow was really cute, but the BACK is AWESOME! Aw man.. the design and the zipper. Pen is so lucky! wanna be my auntie?? =)

    6. Jenn says:

      Very fun! I love the ribbon too!

      I made almost 30 tissue paper pompoms in pink, red, silver, black and white then hung them in front of the fire place (which we never light – safety first!). They’ve been up since January but I love them. I need to find another place for them, up high, so the dog and toddler quit messing with them.

      When we got our dog, which is very much like getting a sibling, Jack got a stuffed dog that looked just like ours so that he could “hold” the puppy whenever he wanted.

    7. Erin says:

      So funny. Love that story about the giant heart stamp. And I LOVE that back with the diagonal zip! So creative :]

    8. Elli Davis says:

      Very cute! Many value this type of gifts much more than those simply purchased in stores and well, I do too. It really does look lovely, it also is a nice decoration and it sure makes its receiver smile every time they look at it.

    9. Angie says:

      Hey! Your looped ribbons remind me of the sort of expensive Taggies toys! My kid loves the one he has, and it isn’t nearly as pretty.

    10. Fran says:

      off subject question (and I know you just had a baby, so prolly won’t get to it for a while): I see you lived in the Bay Area for a bit. I live in SF, and am having trouble finding out where the good thrift stores are. Any advice?

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