The Final Countdown


I’m so ready for Felix to come out. Yesterday & the day before I was having back contractions & getting super excited at the possibility of having the baby before the weekend. Today, I’m not so sure that’s going to happen. Seriously, I’m starting to get really impatient!

In the mean time, I’m trying to be as productive as possible with trying to get on top of emails (that’s going to take a while), housework & a few Valentine’s projects here & there. I’m really excited to share wtih you the projects I’ve been working on, but they’re either not done or one of those things that will just have to wait until after Valentine’s.

The other night I was looking through pictures of Chris & me in the final days before Penelope’s arrival (I can’t believe it was almost 3 years ago!!). Man, I really started to look frumpy. I totally know why: I wasn’t getting any sleep & I was uncomfortable all the time therefor showering & dressing didn’t really happen. I’m in that stage as we speak. I just want to sleep all day, in fact, that’s pretty much what I did yesterday.

So, in an effort to document a not-so-haggard pregnant Melissa, I’m going to take outfit pics every day from now until Felix’s arrival (which will hopefully only be a couple more days). It’ll motivate me to wear something more than just my pajamas all day. Because, let’s be honest, Chris & Penelope aren’t motivation enough to get showered & dressed. Sorry Chris.

To see more pics & details of this outfit, click here.

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    1. stacy says:

      you are so cute! if you want the contractions to start up again wear those heels all day! i wore heels for only an hour a couple of weeks ago (just posted the pics on my blog) and started having my first contractions after that :)

    2. geri e. says:

      Can’t believe you’re wearing heels on your way to the hospital! My hero.

    3. Faith says:

      You are such a cute little pregnant lady! Good for you for making an effort. Towards the end I basically lived in yoga pants and giant t-shirts which (predictably enough) is what I’m back to wearing now that our baby girl is here. But I like looking at your outfit pictures for inspiration for when I’ll have the energy to get put together again in a couple of weeks.

      Best of luck with your delivery!

    4. Bree Cantu says:

      Good luck to ya! I’m selfishly hoping you’ll hurry up and have that baby and come back and post some amazing nursing top tutorials =)

      Just kidding… kind of… enjoy that new baby!


    5. Oh yeah! I seriously LOVE giving birth, I know I’m odd :). My baby is 5 weeks now. This is what you need to do tomorrow.

      – Wake up and take a long walk
      – Go to the store and buy some red raspberry leaf tea (you can find at vitamin cottage, target, or whole foods)
      – Come home and drink a cup with 4 or 5 bags of the tea in it.
      – If you get tired always be sitting up with your legs crossed like an indian.
      – If you have stairs at home go like you’re going up the stairs but skip one or two, like a lunge, bounce up and down while in that position. Switch legs.
      – Do some squats and rocks yours hips
      – If you have an exercise ball, bounce on it.
      – Take a bath and relax, then go to bed.

      That’s what I did the day before I went into labor at 3 am. I was 2 days late and she was my third though. Try to post when you’re going to the hospital, I know it’ll be the last thing on your mind! Good luck!!

    6. jes says:

      I distinctly remember those days. I vowed that I would work till I went into labor and I remember cursing myself for doing so. Hang in there!

    7. Ashley says:

      How cute are you?! I so wish my last days of pregnancy could have looked like this.. Those days were the hardest part for me, I tried every trick in the book. The last thing I did was got a pedicure – I was in labour hours later and my feet were looking fabulous ;)

      Good luck!!

    8. Diana Smith says:

      You look awesome!! I hate this part of pregnancy, the waiting game!! You just want the baby to come already!

    9. Amy says:

      You look fabulous! Love those heels, and your hair is so very cute.

    10. Emily says:

      You are adorable! Good luck with your delivery. Can’t wait for Felix to arrive! (love the name btw)

    11. Scissors says:

      You look fabulous! Love the bangs and look at you in heels!

    12. You still look awesome & wow, ready to meet that little fella. Good luck, love Posie

    13. Bellesme says:

      AWW yellow is so cute! Love the outfit, shirt, cardi, shoes, everything =)
      I can imagine that 9 months is a long time to wait =)

    14. Tamara says:

      You look so cute!!! It doesn’t look like you’ve dropped, so hang in there! My philosphy is that he’ll come when he’s ready- my second (a boy) was one week late. I wanted to die! Good luck with everything!

    15. You look absolutely stunning!! Love your outfit too and can’t wait to see your other ones. Good luck this weekend if Felix decides to say hello!

    16. Emily says:

      How totally adorable are you? And that last line made me laugh–so very true!

    17. marta says:

      you are totally glamorous. i love it. good luck with everything!!

      p.s. thank you for introducing us to wal-mart jeggings. you are a superstar.

    18. You look so fantastic!! Hoping that sweet baby comes soon! They’re so warm and snuggly when they’re little. Can you tell I’m missing the baby stage?! My youngest is 16 months old – not a baby anymore – and I can feel that tug at my heart strings, begging for another. I’m tempted to give in … and then I remember how uncomfortable it is to be pregnant :). So, I wait – at least a few more months.

      BTW – I love the name Felix! ADORABLE!! I’m sure he’s gonna be a cutie! Can’t wait to see him … soon :).

      Sleep – sleep – and sleep some more!!

    19. Shaela says:

      you’re adorable!! good luck these last few days – can’t wait to meet your little bundle!

    20. marissa says:

      melissa, “pregnant” looks great on you! you definitely would put most other moms to shame – hahaha!

      to felix: give your mom a break – stop pushing on her backbone and come out already! :)

    21. Becky says:

      Hi Melissa! I’m a new follower! You are adorable, Nice to meet you! Good luck with the new little man and congratulations!

    22. Rebecca says:

      You’re adorable! I love the outfit. Very cute!!

    23. Erin R. says:

      You have the cutest pregnant body ever (totally not frumpy). But, being just 5 short weeks away from my due date with my 2nd kiddo, I can totally sympathize with the frumpy, uncomfortable feeling. Hope you get to meet your sweet little boy soon. (ps Thank you again for the poinsetta necklace giveaway. I get multiple compliments EVERYTIME I wear it).

    24. Johanna says:

      Wow you look great! At the end of both of my pregnancies I looked like a balloon ready to pop — due to water retention my face, legs, and feet were so swollen. Now I look back at photos of myself after my first son was born and think how bad I look. I have a policy now: I always fix my hair and makeup before leaving the house and absolutely no sweats outside the house! Get plenty of rest before baby Felix comes…

    25. You look so beautiful!

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