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I think it’s safe to say that the item of clothing currently known as jeggings have sprouted a somewhat controversial conversation in the fashion-sphere. Are they really passable as pants? Are they even flattering? My sister-in-law wrote a little ditty about leggings vs. stretch pants. It’s hilarious. You could easily insert jeggings in there.

Here’s my opinion on the matter. Jeggings are the best thing since sliced bread. Now maybe they’re on their way out, but they sure have saved my maternity wardrobe. I don’t know what I’d do without them! See, the one pair of maternity jeans that I own don’t have any stretch to them. NONE. They haven’t fit since month 3 of this pregnancy. This makes absolute zero sense, since as all women who have been pregnant know you grow about 5 sizes during the day because of water retention. Your pants should surely accomodate. No?

I’ve found a few great sources for jeggings & I wanted to share them with you. My absolute favorite jeggings are from H&M. I found them in the little girl’s department for somewhere around $15. They’re like wearing pajamas, they’re so comfortable. Last time I went, they still had plenty of styles of jeggings in the women’s department, too. All under $20.

My other favorite pair of jeggings are from. . . wait for it. . . Walmart! Walmart, to me at least, doesn’t necessarily scream fashion, but I found the best pair of jeggings there for $12. They’re a lot thicker than the jeggings you’d find at most stores and they have back pockets, which look more like regular jeans & not tights. I’ve turned some of my friends (who’ve been hesitant to try skinny jeans) to these pants & all of them have cheered for joy. They’re LEI brand. Go get a pair now if they’re still in stock.

So, do you think jeggings should die a slow & painful death or are you on the bandwagon?

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    1. Emily says:

      You are adorable! You fit kids’ jeggings while pregnant?! Wow. I got a pair of jeggings from Walmart for $6. They’re a bit big in the butt, which will surely be useful if I’m ever pregnant again. I wish I lived by an h&m!

    2. Shaela says:

      If I had the figure and the height for them, I *might* wear jeggings. But I don’t. So I avoid them like the plague, haha.

      I feel that there is about 5% of the female population who can pull them off and look adorable. You belong in that percentage (lucky you), but most of the women/girls I see wearing them ought to follow my example and avoid them like the plague, because seriously? They make most people look fat. And short. And looking like a mushroom has never been attractive to anyone that I know.

    3. abby says:

      i want jeggings to stick around forever. i only wear them with long tunics but they’re so comfy and i also think like you say they are perfect maternity pants…so i hope they are still “in” when i have my next one!

      btw – you are the cutest pregnant lady i have ever seen. how have you stayed so tiny! i’m jealous!

    4. Kristol says:

      are they like the “Pajama Jeans”? Have you seen that info-mercial? BTW, LOOOVE the Teal Wedges!!!!!

    5. Polly Scott says:

      You look better pregnant than I have ever looked in my life! I have got to get myself some of those jeggings. They fit my basic clothing criteria. Feels like pajamas: check. Does not require ironing: check. Can be worn for weeks without washing and no one knows: check. Only when I wear leggings, my mom asks to take me shopping. She wants to buy me tunics. Long tunics. To cover up the leggings. Everything about you is perfect from the tunics to the jeggings to the shoes. Well done.

    6. Laura W. says:

      LOVE how cute you look in your jeggings – especially with those awesome teal shoes!! I’m not sure if I would buy them, but now I am inspired to at least try them on! Hmmm… might have to stop by Wal-Mart later tonight… :)

    7. Morgan says:

      I Love me some jeggings! Serious they are the only skinny jeans I will wear! I feel like they fit my legs without making my thighs feel like stuffed sausages! So glad you found and love them as much as I do! you look great!

    8. Padgett Hoke says:

      Jeggins crack me up, in high school we would totally make fun of them, but we called them “speans” or spandex jeans… can’t believe they are popular now… I definitely get it though – comfy jeans, I think I could get on board!

    9. Miriam says:

      I’m waiting to like them. I’m willing to like them. I’m wanting to like them. I’ve tried on several different pairs because I think they’re cute and how they would increase my very limited maternity jean options! But so far, I can’t do it. Sure they are stretchy, but the waistband kills me. I feel like I have a belt underneath my belly. I think I may be overly sensitive while I’m prego, but to me they don’t cut the comfort-mustard. I hate to admit it, but I’m a huge fan of the motherhood secret belly because as far as comfort, it can’t be beat. And they fINALLY got some decent skinnies. But I would rock jeggings if I could.. but I’m pretty sure that NOBODY else is blessed with legs like yours when they’re pregnant. Amazing.

    10. Amelie says:

      I can’t wear ’em. My thighs and legs doubled their size since 3rd trimester. It’s better for the humanity if I avoid jeggings haha

    11. Bellesme says:

      I’m not so sure… maybe I’ll try the walmart ones =)
      Did you wear the little girls jeggings? =O

    12. Nicia says:

      Totally on the band wagon…the only problem with them is that I don’t think they are very flattering AT ALL for women who have (do I dare say it) thicker legs. You though…definitely workin’ for ya!! Pregnant and all! Lucky duck!

    13. pilgrim says:

      i’m pleased to see a hip lady such as yourself is publicly pro-jegigng. you look great! jeggings haven’t really hit australia in the same way as in the US but i feel very pro-jegging. the look great with tunic tops or other long-line layering tops.

    14. Jenn says:

      Oh yes, I am a huge fan of jeggings. My favorites are the Gap ones. So comfortable.

    15. So I will have you know I took your advice and bought jeggings at H&M when I was in St. Louis….and where them just about every day. Love the comfiness. Heading to wal-mart to morrow so I will have to check out theirs as well:D

    16. Ann says:

      If your legs are slim and long enough to rock ’em, why not? I say go for it!

      I couldn’t even if I wanted to – my legs were big to begin (think plus sized knee high boots couldn’t even fit) and during pregnancy they got… bigger. So nah. LOL

      You look awesome in those outfits, cute and fashionable at the same time. :)

    17. Mandi C says:

      LOVE LOVE LOVE leggings! They actually fit me! I will be sad when they leave and will probably wear them for much longer than is fashionably acceptable. :)

    18. Tang says:

      I LOVE jeggings! You get the style of nice skinny jeans and the comfort of lounging pants!

    19. Wow! To look good in jeggings even while pregnant- you have fashion talent! Not something I can pull off even without a baby on board. But I approve for the tall, long-legged girls like you.
      May I ask where you got those adorable teal wedges? Those I could copy!

    20. Heidi says:

      I’m so short that I feel like jeggings or skinny pants make me look like a little stump. Maybe I’m clueless. You’re the expert–can shorties wear skinny jeans?

    21. Tamara says:

      I like jeggings right now. Don’t know if I will keep wearing them after the baby, but by then it will be summer. I did buy some black LEI ones at Walmart for $9 and some (maternity) demin ones at JC Penney with a coupon for $10 and maternity navy ones at Old Navy for $7. They are way comfy and I love how they look with boots this winter. Thanks so much for the tips!

      p.s. I’m so glad I’m not the only one whose legs swell up during the day. I get sock lines on my ankles by night time!

    22. Emily says:

      I’m on the jeggings bandwagon…finally…but I have yet to pair a fun top/tunic with them! I am keeping my eyes open, though!

    23. Katie says:

      I LOVE them! I have two pairs from Walmart and they are the only pants I wear. They are the best maternity wear ever. I loved how they looked with boots during the winter and now they will look cute with flats in the spring. I’m sure I’ll be wearing them long after they are fashionable because they are just so comfy and I can’t stop!

    24. Melanie says:

      I have one pair from Walt-Mart…they’re George. I don’t recommend them; after the first wash they completely decomposed and I don’t exagerated!! I will maybe try the LEI one’s…

      I’ve never been pregnant but is it possible to wear normal jeggings? I tought you had to wear special pants…

      Love this blog by the way. Heard about it in my local newspaper in Montreal, Qc, Canada. I’m a new fan :)

    25. Erin says:

      You and your bump are the cutest ever.

      No. I don’t do jeggings or skinny jeans. I would look terrible.

    26. Naomi Best says:

      I just came to your blog from ‘I am momma, hear me roar.’ I’m so excited about your jeggings post, cuz I’m 3 months preggo, and was thinking the same thing. I wasn’t interested in the elasticated waist stretchy jeans when I was not pregnant, but I’m sooo going out to buy a pair within the next month. I hate the price of maternity jeans, and am finding it hard to find some nice skinny ones, but Jeggings are such a better alternative!! yay

    27. lyn says:

      I too found those at walmart and am LOVING THEM!

    28. Libby says:

      I don’t think ANYONE ANYWHERE can rock jeggings like you can!

      That said, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a gal with a little extra cushion like myself could sport them with no problems. Yay for jeggings. Boo for the day that they go away!

    29. Maggie says:

      I’m pro-jeggings! I have the super-soft pj-like ones and a pair of more skinny jean styles and love them both. Even my 5-year old daughter loves her “jeggins”. I’m almost in 3rd trimester and they are perfect going out pants. Because, y’know, I live in my yoga pants at home, of course. :)

      Love this site, BTW! You’re thrifting inspires me!

    30. Ashlee says:

      The pair of skinnies I got from walmart are the Lei’s. Does that mean they are actually Jeggings??? They were great! But I think I should have bought a size down, they stretched out real fast!

    31. geri e. says:

      You rock those jeggings! And I love the socks in the first photo. And you happen to be the most styling little momma-to-be ever!……. p.s. no really, where did you get those SOCKS?? :)

    32. Sara says:

      Can you get any cuter?! Where did you get your blue shoes? I HAVE to have a pair!

    33. Nancy says:

      You look great! My thoughts on Jeggings, since you asked:

      1. They should be called “Leans” legging jeans, it’s easier to say.
      2. I made a pair from Susan’s tutorial (the pants were too tight on me to be called skinny jeans, so I guess they are leans), and they are THE BEST for boots. My feet just slide right in!
      3. I am glad to see you wore some socks with that one pair because it is very confusing why anyone would wear bare feet and flats during the winter. Don’t your feet get cold?
      4. I think everyone should wear them because it’s cool to have our legs look like legs. Legs have a nice design, and when we wear leans (or jeggings or shorts even) we can show off that nice leggy design.

      That’s all. Thanks for listening!

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