Valentine’s Project


Now that Valentine’s day is over, I can share with you a calligraphy project that a sweet husband commissioned for his wife.┬áHe asked me to do my magic on a few pages of a journal he bought for her. It was a pleasure to work on this project.

For Monday’s pre-labor, non-maternity outfit, click here.

For today’s pre-labor, non-maternity outfit, click here.

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    1. Diana Smith says:

      This is really cute!! What a great gift that he gave to his wife!!

    2. natalie says:

      i really want to take one of your calligraphy classes one day, you have a great talent.

    3. Becka says:

      It’s simply beautiful.

    4. Bri says:

      Ha I just posted the same thing! Jinx!

    5. Tashrin says:

      This is incredible…….your talent makes his already thoughtful gift so much more special. :)

    6. Pattie says:

      Love it! The Hubster still has the journal that I purchased from you as his birthday gift. Great job!

    7. Ann says:

      Oh, this is fabulous! I wish I can write calligraphy as beautifully as you. I think I would freak out with a project like this because half the time I would be worrying whether the ink will feather/bleed on the pages! The horror that would be…

      Beautifully, gorgeously done. :)

    8. Jenni says:

      That is so sweet.

    9. Shaela says:

      wow – I am so impressed that a man asked you to do that for his wife!! such forethought and sweetness. Looks great!

    10. Gretchen N says:

      Hey, just wanted to let you know that all your darling fashions inspired me to dig through my closet when I went on a Valentine’s date with my husband on Saturday night. :) I wear mostly borrowed maternity stuff to work (mostly because I don’t have to think about it, just grab from closet, and not care if I’m frumpy at my desk doing data entry), but for this occasion, I wanted to be cuter than normal. Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to snap a pic, because I think you would have approved of my outfit! :) I will have to pull it out again, maybe this weekend when we visit family, and maybe with some tweaks. I’ll be looking for some jeggings at WalMart between now and then, keeping my fingers crossed!

    11. Madeline says:

      what a sweet idea!

    12. Fran says:

      That is so lovely; I wish I had one. I’ve just been using a plain old moleskine… hmm…how to customize a moleskine?

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