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I don’t know about any of you, but finding blazers/jackets/coats in my size is nearly impossible. I find some of the raddest blazers in the women’s section, but alas, they’re almost always too big. Maybe jackets that made you look like you were drowning in them was the style 20+ years ago. I dunno.

About (gosh!) 6 years ago, I went thrift shopping with Chris (yup this was pre-marriage) and his oh-so-hip buddies. While us girls were waiting for the boys to try stuff on, we were wandering around the boy’s section looking at all the cute blazers. I just happened to find the above blazer & fell in love. I also found a button up shirt in the boy’s section that I still wear often. A good tip if you’re an awkward size: try a different department. I’ve had great success finding sweet deals in the boys, girls & mens departments on clothes for me! Try it next time you’re at the store (I do this at Target all the time). You’re bound to find something unexpected & fun!

For details on my outfit, click here.

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    1. Kayla says:

      I have been SCOURING the boys’ department for a blazer but haven’t had any luck. I can only ever find stuff up to 3T and I’m not THAT small.

      This gives me hope. I’ll keep looking!

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    2. Heidi says:

      This is kind of hilarious (to me) as I was just thinking about this issue today. I was feeling down because I always have to shop in Juniors or in the Adolescent Boy (or sometimes, Little Boy) section, which can be slightly embarrassing for a 29-year-old gal.

      Now I feel a little better!

    3. quinn says:

      i have several shirts that are little boy and mens small! i love them. the button up shirt that i have is american eagle, and you would never know it was mens.
      i always look in the mens or little boys (well, maybe like boys 14), and i have found great things!

    4. Elle says:

      Some of my favorite shirts are from the boys section at Target (a plaid button-up and the perfect grey hoodie, to be precise). It’s good to know I’m not the only gal that does this!

    5. Diana Smith says:

      Thats so funny that you still have that jacket after so many years and that it still fits! its darling, what a great find!

    6. Tang says:

      Yes! Sometimes the best place to find socks and whatnot is the girls’ section!!! For me, it’s cheaper AND fits better. :)

    7. Kelley says:

      That blazer is adorable! I’ll have to try your tip and look in the boys’ section for some cute stuff.

    8. Christen says:

      I LOVE that belt. is it just a leather strap tied in a knot?!

    9. Christine says:

      darn, my “girls” are too big to fit into men’s stuff, it just pulls and drapes funny :-( I have noticed that in the thrift stores items get put away incorrectly all of the time. I often find women’s items in mens and the other way around…..

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