A Simple, yet Elegant Wedding Invite


My sister-in-law’s wedding back in January was incredibly simple. No friends, just immediate family was there. It’s a pretty rad way to do a wedding, if you ask me. Her dress was also pretty rad. Since only immediate family was invited to the wedding/dinner, there was no need to make invitations. She did, however want to send out a little announcement to extended¬†family¬†& friends that they got married.

I blurred out their address on the bottom, FYI.

When I asked her what she wanted, she said, “let the universe be your oyster.” Um, okay! She was hands down the easiest client to work with. I kept the design simple with a touch of elegance. I digitally lettered the calligraphy & scrolling. I sort of went to town. I’ve been on a little digital calligraphy kick lately. Lindsay just printed them on white cardstock with black ink. Simple. Easy. Classy.

I also made little thank you postcards to send out. Postcards are the best for sending out thank yous.

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    1. Celeste says:

      These are beautiful. I kept my wedding simple and was so happy with it.
      Your calligraphy is fantastic though… I wish I had known about you then!

    2. Tang says:

      Love it! Really nicely designed.

    3. Martha says:

      These are gorgeous! What do you mean by digital calligraphy? Do you use a tablet that is connected to Photoshop or Illustrator?

    4. We only invited our parents to our wedding and celebratory dinner. It was lovely and simple. Your work is so beautiful!

    5. Jenny says:

      I love it! Sometimes I feel like things are almost over-designed sometimes…this is perfect.

    6. abby says:

      gorgeous! you are so talented. and btw – you look so awesome for having just had a baby. insane. good work, mama!

    7. Lauren Edgar says:


      Have you made any of your calligraphy into fonts? I’m working on wedding invites and I just can’t find anything like your hand writing and mine is nothing like that.

      Let me know!

    8. marissa says:

      These are amazing! No matter how hard I try to mimic your beautiful calligraphy, I merely end up with horrible-looking stuff. I am still waiting for you to “fontilliate” (my new word for “make into a font that I can purchase” :) this!

      I love the Thank You cards too!

    9. Karly says:

      I love, love, LOVE these! I made our wedding invites and and thank yous…but these are just to die for! Any chance the thank you notes will become available as a freebie? They would be great to have on hand! Did I mention they’re gorgeous?

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