An Old Before & After


I’m SO tired. Last night (this morning, rather) I didn’t go to bed until 4:30. Why? Oh, no reason. I just wanted to veg out a little & work on a little redesign. When Penelope greeted me this morning with her happy, smiling face I wondered why the heck I went to bed so late. It’s like I’m in college all over again. I was planning on making my leather camera strap & sharing that with you, but I’m going to take a nap instead.

I will, however share with you a little project I did about 3 years ago & never blogged about. I refinished a boppy pillow that a friend gave me. It was a light blue velvet hand-me-down that was uglier than sin (like this one, but blue). Why are so many baby products covered in velvet/velour? IT GETS SO GROSS!! Formula/breastmilk & baby bodily fluids DON’T play nicely with velvet. I never took a before picture and I threw out that old velvet cover as quickly as I could.

Covering this pillow was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I covered this pillow with upholstery weight cotton material (found at Fabmo). I just took the old cover, flattened it and used it as a guide to cut the fabric & sewed them together. I thought I’d be clever & put the zipper on the inside curve. I didn’t want to see a zipper; but as it turns out, putting a zipper on the inside of a curve makes it nearly impossible to put the pillow form in the case. I think I fought with the pillow for about 40 minutes to get the cover on. That’s okay though. I’ll gladly pay that price to avoid a yucky velvet cover.

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    1. Alis in Wnderlnd says:

      Funny how it’s all in the eye of the beholder. I had a pink and a blue velour cover for our Boppy and it washed beautifully! Both were always clean and super soft. Both my children had reflux pretty bad, so they went though a ton of washings, but I also relied heavily on absorbent cloths and blankets.

      When my son was born we were given a hand-me-down denim cover that must have been made from a pair of 20-year-old “old man”‘ light blue jeans that was absolutely heinous.

    2. Heather C. says:

      I started to make a second cover for my boppy but never finished. I don’t use the boppy anymore but for the next kid (no, that’s not an announcement) I’d like to finish what I started. Is your cover just two pieces of fabric or is it trickier than that? I didn’t know if the pillow would fit if it was just two pieces of fabric. I love the fabric that you used. It’s kind of architectural, love that.

    3. I love that fabric! I am about to have number three and I wanted to get a new cover for my bobby as well. Since I basically have everything we need for the new little one, I feel like we have to mix some things up. Might need to make my own….hmmm….would have to find the fabric machine from underneath the years of dust.

    4. Haley says:

      That is adorable!! I would really love if you would share that blanket pattern!!

    5. marissa says:

      I SO love this! You know, you make me want to buy a sewing machine. Except I’ve never used one in my life and I need to find ways to convince Rodney that I should have one even if that’s is indeed the case. :^)

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