Another Cheap Hanging Method


You’ll know from reading this blog, I love being cheap. Hanging artwork can be so expensive at times so I’ve created a couple of hanging methods to keep framing costs to a minimum. The first method, I shared with you yesterday: hangers. The second method is leather strips/ribbon + round spots or upholstery tacks.

This method is best done if you have artwork on a wooden panel (I have loads of those from my BFA days). With the cork boards in my studio, I could’ve easily put framing hooks on the back of each panel, but I wanted the board to be flush against the wall so this method was optimal. ALSO? I think it’s pretty.

SO there you go, there’s another peek at the decor in my studio. I do have to mention, though. . . it’s far from being clean or organized at the moment. Let’s keep it real:

See the giant mess? Oh yeah. This is practically the state of our entire house currently. I can’t seem to keep anything clean these days. I’m over it, though. I’ve got a three week old & a two & a half year old to cuddle instead.

For those interested: The Dachshund nightlight is via Clever Tomato • brown camera print is via A Vintage Poster • Clipboard is via Urban Outfitters (and spray painted by yours truly) • Globe is a hand-me-down • Corkboards & silver baskets are via D.I.

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    1. Jessica says:

      Love the keepin it real, but geez, your studio even looks beautiful when it’s a mess!

    2. Ana says:

      Hehehehe, I love the keeping it real approach. And yeah, with a newborn in the house… that looks mighty organized :-)

    3. phil says:

      ohhh yes !!!! the nicest mess i v e ever seen :-)

    4. Sara says:

      Cute! I love that idea! May I ask where the brown camera print is from? It’s wonderful.

      • Melissa says:

        It’s from They have some great poster designs and I absolutely LOVE their packaging. Getting those posters in the mail was like unwrapping Christmas!

    5. I was just thinking the same about my house (clean)…..I have a 4 week old & a 20 month old and hubby has been away for the last 2 weeks! I am just doing what I need to keep my head above water for the moment….currently the dishwashers are both needing unpacking and the sink is full with dishes needing cleaning…..but I need my sanity and reading some blogs give me that instead of cleaning!

    6. Scissors says:

      I like the “behind the scenes” look. Tee-hee! You crack me up. Nice boppy, btw!

    7. Tiffany says:

      Lucky girl, I’ll take that mess any day if it comes with two little cuties like yours! Please please PLEASE tell me where you got that little yellow wiener dog, it is darling!!!!

      • Melissa says:

        Tiffany – I won two Dachshund nightlights off of a giveaway sponsored by One’s in Penelope’s room & the other I stole for my studio. I LOVE THEM!! They’re so fun & Penelope loves her doggy!

    8. Emily says:

      Of all the wonderful things going on in your pictures….the silve bread baskets really caught my eye. I love them stacked on the Ikea boxes. Old/new, high/low. Love it.

    9. Stephanie says:

      My heart swelled with joy to see the “real” part of your post. Oh how I love an honest blogger!

    10. Louise says:

      I love the round pin boards, they seem like such a cute idea! And your studio is still pretty awesome even messy. :)

    11. Nicia says:

      Where did you get the shelf above your desk that looks like it could be a ribbon organizer? I want one for all my ribbon, but can’t seem to find one like that. Love the room! And THANK YOU for keeping it real!

    12. Diana Smith says:

      That is such a cute room even if its not perfectly clean! I love the bright colors and light!

    13. Lindsay says:

      and that awesome aqua chair?

      such a pretty mess!
      love, lindsay

    14. Nicole says:

      I stalk ALOT of blogs and I”ve never been compelled to comment until. Thankyou so much for posting that shot your messily, gorgeous space. Peering into and being inspired by the lives of bloggers can be like obsessing over looking like airbrushed models on the covers of magazines. It’s great to know that everything is not quite as picture perfect behind the camera. It makes me feel not so inadequate as a full time working mama to a crazy 13 month old baby who’s struggling to keep it all together. Bring on the ‘keep it real’ movement I say!

      Congratulations on the birth of your handsome little man. Who cares about a teeny bit of mess when you have so much love in your life. xx

    15. Heidi says:

      I don’t think it looks messy. I think it looks happy and lived-in!

    16. LB says:

      Thank you for keeping it real.

    17. marissa says:

      Melissa, you are the coolest, rockingest blogger I know! I heart your art/work space and love that you posted the lovely mess of it all. It’s not really mess anyway, just evidence of art in progress, right? :)

      The hanger ideas are very timely for me as I’m struggling with hanging pictures and things in the house right now. So THANK YOU!

    18. marissa says:

      p.s. Did you cover that nursing pillow yourself? I love the material!

    19. Tiffany says:

      I can’t believe they are lamps TOO! I’m not seeing them at clever tomato any more, but I will keep looking. Thanks!

    20. kristanlynn says:

      love the post! but not as much as i love your desk chair!!!!!!! =)

    21. What a cute idea…you have such a cute blog!

    22. 1. I have the same bookshelf and white boxes from IKEA, so if you ever see them on my blog please don’t think I copy-catted you. (I guess we have similar taste.)

      2. That dachshund light is AMAZING! I need to find a Boston Terrier one.

      3. My office/studio is constantly being rearranged and torn apart for crafts and photo shoots. It makes me feel like I’m redecorating on a daily basis.

      4. I saw your reply to my last comment regarding why Chris uses the master bathroom. My response – a woman needs her bathtub. I take a bubble bath 1-2 times a day. It’s a horrible habit.


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