Bathroom Art


For Valentine’s day I wrote a bunch of little love notes for Chris to find around the house. I put little notes in his guitar stuff, by his clothes, on the bed, etc. Among those notes I wrote “I love your stinky guts” & put it on the toilet seat. Since V-day that little note has sat on top of the toilet tank. I’m a little surprised he didn’t throw it in the trash afterward, which gave me the thought to make it a little more permanent.

I hand wrote the little quote & “framed” it using design*sponge’s idea for a paper frame. I think I’ll play around with the quote until I get something that I want to be completely permanent, but for now, we have a semi-permanent “I love your stinky guts” quote above his toilet.

Just a little side story: Since Chris & I moved into our new place 5 months ago, we decided to divorce our bathrooms. Mine is in the studio & his is attached to our bedroom. I can’t tell you how wonderful it’s been for our marriage to have separate bathrooms. So for any of you newly weds (or soon to be newlyweds) out there, get separate bathrooms as soon as you can. You can thank me at your 50th wedding anniversary.

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    1. Taylor says:

      Ahaha! I totally second that! I love my husband, but having our own bathrooms is wonderful! I have too much crap that threatens to take over and eat all my husband’s crap for breakfast.

    2. Kayla says:

      It didn’t take us long to discover that we could not share a bathroom. He moved into the guest bathroom on our 2 month anniversary and it has been bliss ever since.

    3. Diana Smith says:

      haha love the idea of separate bathrooms! Will try that! This print is cute, I love the meaning behind it! You are too creative!

    4. Sabrina says:

      Amen to your last statement!

    5. Morgan says:

      Way too cute! LOVE it!!

    6. mommara says:

      Omg. I love this. I would love to have one at my house. We have divorced bathrooms too. So much better.

    7. marissa says:

      i’ve managed to divorce closets (i now have my own walk-in closet – wahoo!), but i am still arguing for my own bathroom, especially since i’m the only girl in the house and things are going to only get worse as the boys get older. wish me luck – so far i’ve been outvoted (is that even a word?!) 5 to 1. ;)

    8. Bellesme says:

      The word divorce scared me, =P glad its only the bathrooms =D

    9. Stephanie says:

      Another awesome saying that needs to be reproduced!

      I also wanted to tell you that I think you look great on your fashion page, especially considering the new attention-getter in your life! I couldn’t comment over there, but wanted to let you know.

    10. Do you know what’s saved our marriage? Separate closets.

      P.S. How did he end up getting the master bathroom?

    11. megan v says:

      Cute! And I love that hand drawn frame idea. Love!!
      The idea of separate bathrooms sounds nice… We currently have to share one tiny, windowless, FANLESS, counterless, storageless bathroom. If we can make it through this we can make it through everything! Right?!

    12. […] year around this time I made a little love note for Chris’s bathroom, but I’ve never been that happy with the lettering. It’s fine, but every time I sit […]

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