Brass Bench Before & After


Remember that housewares swap I talked about last week? Here’s one of the projects that I had mentioned. It’s complete! It only took me two days to complete. I would’ve finished it sooner, but napping & cuddles took¬†precedence.

This thing was UGLY. Honestly, if I had seen this in a thrift store I wouldn’t have given it a second glance, but for some reason I saw the hidden beauty in it at the swap party. All it took to spruce up this chair was some spray paint, padding, a zipper & just over a quarter of a yard of fabric.

I just so happen to have some extra padding from a¬†random project I did a while back, so I added that to the cushion before covering it. GOOD IDEA. I’m glad I did it. The little bench is much more comfortable now. I also think it looks better to have a more substantial cushion on there anyway.

I thought this bench/stool/chair thingy would be perfect for Chris’s “guitar corner” in our bedroom, but I’m not so sure he really digs it. He’d much rather practice on an old school chair that’s cool, but hardly matches the decor of the bedroom. I’m hoping he’ll have a change of heart now that the thing is complete.

What do you think? Would you sit on it now?

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    1. Emily says:

      What a lovely little chair! You did a great job revitalizing it… cute!! :)

    2. i’d love to have a seat there. i think it turned out great!

    3. Bellesme says:

      I like the white =) I really love white because its so sophisticated and pure to me

    4. Taylor says:

      i love love love this!

    5. Shaela says:

      awesome!! I totally need a little bench like that in my own guitar corner :)

    6. LeeAnn says:

      I think the transformation is awesome! And you should submit it to Design*Sponge for their weekly before and after series!

    7. Jessica says:

      The white paint was a perfect choice. You are REALLY making me want to have one of these parties.

    8. Absolutely love what you did with this piece! Something about up-cycling a piece that makes your home that much more special.

    9. Stephanie says:

      Much better than brass. And I cannot believe that someone would want to sit on it with the original cushion! Just looking at it seems uncomfortable.

    10. Erin says:

      Love it! Well done!

    11. Amy says:

      Wow! What a difference that made!

    12. Chelsea says:

      DOAH! I found a seat almost EXACTLY like that (before pic) at an estate sale and stared and stared at it and still kick myself for not getting it. Now that I see your after pics…kicking myself again!

    13. Katie says:

      I LOVE it!:) Good eye! I’ve been wanting a luggage rack or something for our bedroom but that would be perfect…now I’ve just got to find me a really cool swap party;)

    14. Katie says:

      Wow – that is really pretty! You did a great job!

    15. Erica says:

      Turned out adorable. Great job! It does look a lot more comfortable now.

    16. HERE BE DRAGONS says:

      Well, it’s super cute, but not very manly, is it?

      I would love one in my room.

    17. Annie says:

      Cool bench Melissa. Where did you get the thing to hang the guitar with? That is a great idea – Brianna needs something like that.

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