DIY Leather Belt


I’ve been so inspired by colorful skinny belts & this lovely belt from Emerson Made. Heck, who isn’t inspired by everything on Emerson Made? I’m in love. It’s all so classy & rad.

I love belts that have irregular enclosures, so I thought I’d make my own. I just experimented with a scrap of leather I found at Tandy Leather. I have another strip of leather I plan on using for another belt. I’ll be posting the tutorial for this soon.

It took me about an hour & a half of trial & error to get the color just right & the holes the right size. The next belt I make will be much less time consuming as I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’m totally loving the color combo in this outfit. The green top reminds me of spring (btw, my open studio window is blowing in the most delicious spring breeze, I’m in heaven). The little pops of orange & red make everything so happy. Colors totally affect my mood.

What are your weekend plans? I’m going to work on some design stuff & hopefully get my organizing on. My closet is a complete disaster area, my studio pales in comparison.


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    1. Sara says:

      Can’t wait for this tutorial, it looks great! Also loving your color combo and freshly painted nails! although they never last long for me, they sure make me happy. have a great weekend!

    2. Katie says:

      Cute! I didn’t even notice those details on tumblr! Love Emerson Made (of course;) and love those red shoes too!

    3. Scissors says:

      You cannot tell that you just had a baby! You look great!

    4. Louise says:

      This is so clever! It looks really great, especially with that top. Awesome job. :)

    5. Robin says:

      I love leather! My husband makes upcycled leather moccasins, now I have an idea on what to make with the scraps! Mahalos for the inspiration!

    6. Laura chavous says:

      I am in love with belts. Its a sickness really. They will save any outfit!!! I also want to mention that you look exceptionally cute in these photos and your baby is only a few weeks old! Go Melissa!!!

    7. Bmerry says:

      I had crafty time with a friend, hosted a sleep over and a play date, and got the base of a new counter top. In between all these things, we made soup, re-potted plants and went to the park. Great weekend.

    8. alicia says:

      I love this- it’s perfectly simple & modern. And I’m really into leather crafts lately.

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