DIY Leather Guitar Strap


Instead of attacking the mending pile like I had thought, Chris & I embarked on a different project last weekend. We made Chris a guitar strap. A beautiful leather one.

Truly there must be something about the spring air that makes me want to do a million projects.

We spent most of the afternoon measuring, drawing, cutting & gluing. It was a surprisingly easy DIY once we got the measurements down. When we were figuring out how long to make the strap, we didn’t look online at guitar straps to see how long they were. NO. That would’ve been too easy. Instead, I used a measuring tape as a “guitar strap”. According to our calculations, Chris needed a 65″ guitar strap. However, once we finished the DIY, we quickly learned that the strap was about 12 inches too long! It’s absurdly long.

Better too long than too short, right?

This pose would be a lot more convincing if I knew how to play the guitar. Too bad Chris isn’t around at the moment to take my place in the frame.

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    1. Louise says:

      Amazing project, even it is a tad too long. :)

    2. Diana Smith says:

      Very cool! You guys have such creative brains, no wonder you both are married!! Very cute pictures of you!

      Livy Love

    3. Tang says:

      Cute that you two worked on it together! I’m also liking the new blog look. :)

    4. quinn says:

      maybe i’ll have to try and make one! i need to pick up my guitar again…

    5. dani says:

      I love this! I think I want to make one for my little guy (my 10 year old that loves to finger-pick–so cute!) Can I ask where you found your leather. The only place I know of is Tandy.

    6. trish says:

      forget the guitar strap. i adore your shoes!!! :P hehehe

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