Thrifty & Chic: A Quick Refashion


I’ve got a gigantic pile of clothes in my studio I want to refashion. A pile that’s been taunting me since before Felix was a twinkle in the eye. Aw yeah. It’s time to get my refashion on. Big time. Most items (like the one below) just call for simple updates. This one I just trimmed a good 8 inches off the bottom & gave it a quick hem. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

I didn’t take a before photo of this bad boy, but I didn’t change much. You know how long skirts are in vogue right now? Well, it was too short to be one of those, but too bulky where it was at. It’s still a pretty bulky skirt (at least I feel like it anyway), but the length is much more flattering now. Part of me thinks it’d look even better another 6 inches shorter than that, but that’s not how I roll. It’s got a nice elastic waistband in the back that eliminates the muffin top. I like. This skirt cost $4. This look? $74. Mostly because of the shoes. I splurged on the shoes. They were so worth it, though.

I’m still on the hunt for a dresser. Madeline found exactly what I wanted, but unfortunately the guy that was selling it had just loaded it into someone’s car as I called. Big bummer. I’ve just got to keep the faith that the right dresser is out there for me. And headboard. I just know it. It took me a while to find the perfect man for me, but I did it. How hard would a dresser be?

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    1. Madeline says:

      Loving the color of the skirt!

      And the hunt continues. We’ll find you your dresser!

    2. Very cute skirt! I also have an old pile of clothes that I have been meaning to refashion for way too long. I’m also pretty much out of space in my craft room. I think that once I get through with my crazy semester of school, I should probably do a month of strictly refashioning on my blog, otherwise I don’t think I’ll ever get around to it!

    3. Ariel says:

      I like the skirt. Very cute.

      I am also on the search for the perfect dresser….but I am also looking for an armoire. Good luck to both of us.

    4. I am so happy this style is back. I love skirts and dresses in the summer. Looking forward to seeing what you do with that pile of clothes! ;)

    5. Shaela says:

      I know what you mean – I’m on the hunt for a dresser and headboard too! I finally gave in this week and bought new hardware for our old dresser. It’s a temporary fix, but at least we can now get the drawers open, hahaha

    6. Absolutely adore that skirt. Why is it that I never even think about altering skirts when I’m out shopping and they fit me a little funky? It’s so obvious!

    7. Jessica says:

      You are an inspiration! I’m always excited to see what you’re going to do next! I’m going to go paw through my closet right now! :D

    8. This is darling, and can I just say that you look amazing for having such a young baby! I’m at 7 months and you are really inspiring me to get my act together after the birth.

    9. dani says:

      My altering pile turned into a basket which turned into two. I’m embarassed to say, large ones. I can’t seem to stop picking up pieces that “would be so cute if I just add ruffles, shorten, lose the collar”…Thanks for the kick in the tush to get me going for spring!

    10. dani says:

      I’m also embarrassed to say that I misspelled embarrassed.

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