A Last-Minute Calligraphy Class


I’ve had a few requests from readers to see if I’d be teaching a calligraphy class any time soon. You interested? Next Saturday, April 16th, I’l be holding a calligraphy workshop at my house in Salt Lake City, Utah. Come join me from 1pm – 3pm for an artsy afternoon & learn how to take your handwriting to the next level!

Click the “buy now” button below to sign up for the class.

The $47 fee includes the workshop + all the materials you need to get started. All you have to do is show up! No returns or refunds. Here’s what a few people thought of my class:

I hope to see you next Saturday! Feel free to comment/contact me if you have any questions.

Missed the class? Subscribe to the blog for info on future classes or check out My ongoing online class at istilllovecalligraphy.com!

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    1. Sharon Kelley says:

      What area are you located in? If you are in Nor Cal…I would like to come.

    2. Melissa says:

      • U P D A T E •

      If you blog about it & sign up, add your post URL to your notes upon checkout for a $5 discount. YAY!

    3. Jonna says:

      Are you planning on filming it or giving it online? I’m out of state but am dying for a class! :)

    4. Melissa says:

      Yes! I’ll likely be filming it & offering the video + some PDF materials in my soon-to-be shop. Stay tuned!

    5. Padgett says:

      Oh no, I am so bummed! It is the only weekend that I will be in San Diego or else I TOTALLY would have driven down for it! Sad!! when you do the next one, you can bet I will be there…those are lucky people that get to go!

    6. amanda says:

      Oh, if only! I would die to go to Utah and I would die to go to your class. I’m with Jonna, though! Film that sucka!

    7. April says:

      Or you can come to my house in KY and teach one. That would ROCK!

    8. April says:

      Discount…man, I need to start a blog. ;)

    9. Em says:

      Does that mean a pen and ink and the end pieces too? (nibs? nubs?)

    10. Melissa says:

      Just signed up and I can’t wait!!!!

    11. dani says:

      Can’t wait for the class–I’m super excited!

    12. Brynn says:

      wish I lived in Utah still, would love to take this class, you should do them via skype or something.

    13. I keep coming back to gaze at this because I really want to do it. I have to figure out babysitting first, though, before I can commit. I’m really hoping I can work it out.

    14. […] & tomorrow are the last two days to sign up for my calligraphy class! There are two more spots available, so hurry & sign up! For you out-of-towners, I’m going to have my sweet hubs record the class, so I can offer that […]

    15. Melissa B. says:

      How do I find/follow you on pinterest??

    16. Bonny says:

      any word on doing a calligraphy class online? i’d also love to take it online.

    17. Marta Strzinek says:

      Are you having any calligraphy classes in the coming future? I live in Lehi and I’m very interested in attending classes – even on line would be good.

      Please let me know. Thank you, I love your blog.


    18. Jessica Dimas-Walsh says:

      I second Marta, except two years after the fact. Are you having a class any time soon??????

    19. Stacey says:

      Do you still teach calligraphy? Thanks! Stacey

    20. Brittany dastrup says:

      I am trying to find someone to help me out with a 2 gifts. I would love something written in calligraphy. Would you be willing to help me out with that?

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