Easter Egg Dying


Today my sister & nephew came over to visit & dye easter eggs with us. It’s been at least 8 years since I’ve done it & both Em & I had no idea where to start. So, thanks to Not Martha (via Designmom) we got instructions for dying Easter eggs & they turned out perfectly. I don’t ever remember getting my Easter eggs this saturated when I’d dye eggs back in the day.


This Saturday our little family will be celebrating Penelope’s THIRD (!!) birthday with a pink & yellow dinosaur-themed brunch. It’s going to be a small affair, but my mind is going wild with ideas on how to make it a fun/special day for her. Just today I thought it would be so fun to have dyed hard-boiled eggs. Get it? Dino Eggs!


I know I’m biting off WAY more than I can chew –as usual– but I just can’t wait to see the surprise & excitement on her face when she sees her favorite things in one room: dinosaurs, aunts & uncles.

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    1. Linn says:

      WI am excited for her party on sat!

    2. Alice C. says:

      Oh! Our Best Bites did a post not too long ago about dino eggs. You basically crack the hard-boiled eggs before you dye them.. and then when you open them you get a pretty/funky pattern on the eggs!

    3. […] it was so fun to play into the theme with hard-boiled eggs. I used the same Dying method that I used last week & arranged the eggs in a “nest” of coordinating tissue paper. I switched up the […]

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