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I bought these white canvas shoes at the thrift store a couple of months ago (for $2!) & they’ve been sitting in my ‘to do’ pile ever since! I’ve been in a painting mood lately so I went to town on them today. My attention span is much too short to do the same thing on both shoes, so I switched things up. The chevron shoe is my favorite, though.


I think I’m going to consider these a work in progress because I think it’d be really cool to cover every inch of these shoes in fun, bright patterns. Have you ever painted shoes before? I think it’s perfect for little kids’ shoes because it doesn’t matter if they get scuffs or dirty. Just add more paint!

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    1. Kristol says:

      when i was in high school (25 years ago), I had probably 5 different pairs of painted shoes just like those. Izod Lacoste was REALLY trending in fashion way back then, so I had a pair that I painted little alligators all over. I can’t remember what else I had, but they obviously made an impression on my class mates, because they voted me “Best Dressed”.

    2. Sarah says:

      I would wear them! I love the idea of painting the entire shoe.

    3. My cousin hand-paints canvas shoes and sells them on Etsy. Her shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/RaeRags. She has such talent.

    4. abby says:

      i have the coolest bohemian grandma…and my favorite thing to do with her when she came for a visit…was to buy some white slip-on’s from target and go crazy painting them. that’s all i wore for many of my childhood years. love.

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    6. Jen Burleigh says:

      They look so cool! I like the idea of my kids making their own :o) What did you do it with (i am not in the US so don’t necessarily know brands, but a type of paint/ink would be great!)?
      I love Michelle’s link above…what wonderful shoes. Maybe we all need a shoe designing/painting challenge Melissa!!? :o)

    7. Caitlin says:

      All throughout grade-school, my artist-mom would buy me plain canvas sneakers. For each season/holiday/special event she’d CUSTOM PAINT some sort of artistic wonder (exactly the same though!) on each shoe.
      Some example I remember…
      – Christmas tree shoes with little beads as ornaments and jingle bells
      – Hamster shoes….i guess I loved hamsters
      – Every-colour-of-the-rainbow polka dot shoes
      – Spring flower shoes that had vines wrapping around the back and into the huge array of flowers at the front (of COURSE I had green laces as well)
      – Puzzle shoes….they were all painted-interlocking puzzle pieces

      and so on…..this has brought back SUCH memories!
      great work!

    8. Hanna says:

      Have you seen Acrylicana’s shoes? maybe some inspiration: http://www.acrylicana.com/gallery/shoes.html

    9. I love the design and they would look great with patterns all over! I painted beach scenes on shoes in high school once and loved them. It makes each shoe so unique!

    10. So fun! This instantly took me back to my childhood, because when I was little I painted a pair of shoes just like those for my grandma to wear. And bless her sweet heart she wore them! I have a memory of painting little frogs and watermelons on them…

    11. Morgan says:

      These could not be any cuter!! ps thanks so much for the bday wish it totally made my day!

    12. kait says:

      love the chevron! permanent marker works really well too – when i was a camp counselor i used to make all my girls shoes and it was not only sooo much fun to make, but also really special to see them wearing my handmade shoes and loving it :)

      happy monday!

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