Looking for a Summer Internship?


After giving it much thought, I need help. But not in the psychiatric way, thank heavens. I’m so excited to see my blog growing as much as it has, but if I want to keep up with the demand of it all (and not neglect the kiddies), I need to take on an intern. I’m looking for someone who’s:

  • 18 or older
  • Lives in Salt Lake area
  • Has own transportation
  • Has some social media experience
  • Has HTML/wordpress experience (a plus but not required)
  • has a computer & know how to use it
  • Motivated & honest
  • Can give ~10 hours a week (during daylight hours) to help with emails, orders, sponsors, tutorials, editorial calendar, etc.

The perks of being my intern:

  • Learn the ins & outs of social media & its platforms
  • Learn calligraphy, sewing, design & whatever else your heart desires
  • Have use of my studio & tools
  • Some monetary compensation given (on commission basis)

This position would be great for someone (student or otherwise) looking for experience in social media/arts & crafts/design. It is a 2 month commitment with the possibility of becoming a long-term, better-paid position. Please submit resumes to ISLYBLOG at GMAIL dot COM.



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    1. meredith says:

      Dang, 7 out of 8 isn’t close enough for this one (we’re nowhere near Salt Lake anymore). How exciting though, good luck finding the perfect person!

    2. Bmerry says:

      you must be blowing up!

    3. Bmerry says:

      In addition to my other comment, yesterday I was thinking about how so many crafty mums have blogs and how I’d love to create a parody blog that contained undertones of child neglect. A subtle hint here and there about how this woman was so busy crafting she just didn’t have time to get to the kids. Is it just me or does anyone else think that could be funny?

    4. Jill De Haan says:

      Hey Melissa!

      I had the privilege of taking your Calligraphy class at the Art Weekend last year. I am SO VERY interested in this lovely opportunity. I am currently a graphic design student at SLCC and would LOVE to be able to expand my knowledge of beautiful things.

      I will be sending you my resume asap. (:

      Thanks (:

      Jill De Haan

    5. Nathalie Z says:

      Wish I lived in Salt Lake :(

    6. Madison says:

      Man, it’s a bummer! I wish I lived there, that would be way fun/cool! and good experience :)

    7. Ruth says:

      I only wish I lived in the area!!

    8. Bellesme says:

      Aw man! I’m 16 and in Cali..*sigh* maybe next time =P

    9. Kelli says:

      I wish I lived near you!

    10. anna says:

      what a great idea! Hope you have a lovely lineup of takers!

    11. Kayleigh says:

      I’d love to help you, but I am not qualified. And I have a full time job!

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