Penelope’s Dino Brunch Favors


Right now I’m working on getting all of the final details of Penelope’s birthday Dino brunch ready. Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m totally getting carried away, but I’m having SO much fun! I just finished making the favors – packaged dino eggs.


I just bought Sweettarts jelly beans (SO YUM!) and Reeces pieces peanut butter eggs & filled my little favor bags. For the bags, I designed & printed the chevron on lightweight paper, then cut the pouches out using my Silhouette. For the stickers, I used Bebas font & my own writing along with my own hand-illustrated dinosaur. I printed them on Avery 2″ circular labels & stuck them to the outside of the pouch with glitter ribbon underneath. The chevron was inspired by this gorgeous (and ridiculously expensive) swimsuit & the pouch was inspired by these pouches. Both of which I wouldn’t have found if it weren’t for Pinterest.


I’ve been avoiding signing up for yet another time waster. I’ve avoided it for just about a year. But then caved this last week. It’s actually been great since I’ve joined. I’ve wasted way more time on it than I should, but I’ve found so many awesome & inspiring things on there!! If you’d like to sign up, leave a comment. I’ll send you an invitation.

• C L I C K   H E R E   T O   S E E   T H E   P A R T Y   D E T A I L S •

• C L I C K   H E R E   T O   S E E   T H E   I N V I T A T I O N S   •


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    1. alexis says:

      Those are adorable! I’d also love to be invited to pinterest, I’ve been so jealous of anyone with an account.

    2. Emily says:

      Love these! Love Pinterest too.

    3. jessica says:

      these are great! i’d love to be invited to pinterest too!

    4. Marisa says:

      Same here—did NOT need another time waster. But I joined Pinterest last month and I LOVE it. People find such great things. Without Pinterest, I’d never see these great things. I think my life is better this way, wasted time or not.

    5. Katherine says:

      Looks super cute! We just celebrated a 3rd birthday in our house too!

      I would LOVE an invite to Pinterest- thank you so much!

    6. Chelsey says:

      I’d love an invitation to Pinterest! I’ve heard great things about it. And adorable invitations. I’d love to come! :)

    7. Lisa says:

      Such cute favors! Have you seen Jordan’s of “Oh Happy Day” post regarding the “confetti egg game”? It might be a fun game to add to Penelope’s birthday party, and would go with the dino theme!

    8. Shannon says:

      What? I like off of my favorite site “how about orange” to “ambrosia girl” and you were on her links! Awesome! I love your blog!

    9. Joy says:

      I love this idea!! So cute!! And, I LOOOOOOVE Sweettarts jellybeans, too!! YUM!

    10. Johanna says:

      Bravo, love your favors, well done! I love Pinterest as well, I signed up several months ago and alas, I’m addicted. Such beautiful things to look at…

    11. brianne sheppard says:

      I would love an invite! Thanks!

    12. Carolyn says:

      Oy, I’ve been avoiding Pinterest for a long time for the same (time-wasting) reason…but you and several others commenting on it makes me feel like I should finally just give in (which, deep down, is really what I’ve wanted to do all along).

      Long story long, I’d love an invite! :)

      Also – SWEET favor bag!

    13. Susan says:

      I love that chevron print – the original and your inspired design! I’ve been dying to get on pinterest, but I’m still awaiting the email confirmation. I’d love it if you invited me!

    14. Caitlin says:

      These are adorable! And I would would l love an invite to pinterest :)

    15. Catalina says:

      Beautiful party favors! Penelope’s going to love them!

      I’d love an invitation to Pinterest (pretty please) :)

    16. Tang says:

      I love Pinterest! So many good things on there.

    17. Anna says:

      Awww…those are so sweet! I love that you have made a dinosaur theme girly and elegant.

      I’d love an invite if you don’t mind, I’ve heard a lot about it and am interested to have a look.

    18. Morgan S. says:

      I would LOVE an invite!

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    21. Melissa B. says:

      How do I find/follow you on Pinterest??

    22. Katie C says:

      simply lovely. the whole party was super cute. i’d love an invite to pinterest, too!

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