Sweater to Bag Refashion


This weekend was crazy productive!! Chris & I replaced the serpentine belt on our car for under $50. The dealership wanted to charge us nearly $500. TAKE THAT sucka! I was thrilled that we (mostly Chris) were able to do that ourselves. After that, I taught a fabulous calligraphy workshop. It’s always so rewarding to see how much everyone learns & improves over the course of 2 hours. I had a blast & I hope everyone else did, too. It was so fun to meet some wonderful new ladies & practice calligraphy. I didn’t take any pics or record any video (it was much too busy with Penelope & Felix for Chris to do it), so I’ll be hosting another class in the near future so I can get it filmed.In the mean time, if you’d like to stay updated on when the online course will be available, click here to receive the email.


Dani, who was the one motivating me to teach the class in the first place, brought a GIGANTIC box of goodies. These goodies ranged from sweaters, vintage (never been used) bed sheets, to ribbons & holiday decorations! It was like Christmas going through the pile of goodies. One of the sweaters was the above Banana Republic sweater. My cousin & I were wondering when Banana actually sold that thing. The late ’90s? The thick knit as a tank really doesn’t work, in my opinion. Seeing as the tank was perfectly symmetrical, I thought it’d make a much cuter hand bag than anything else.


Here’s what I did:

  • I flipped the top inside out
  • matched up the side seams at the armpit & hem
  • drew a curved line across the bottom
  • sewed a tight stitch along that line
  • cut off excess fabric
  • turned back right-side out

All that took less than 10 minutes to do. It gives a bohemian/hippy look to me with the knit & camel color. I dig it. Do you?

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    1. Kelli says:

      This looks great! It reminds me of sak’s knit handbags!

    2. Melissa says:

      Kelli, thanks so much!! Your comment just made my day.

    3. Kimber says:

      Oh! I so wanted to come to that calligraphy workshop! That’d be so wonderful if you offered them every once and awhile like that bc I won’t be back to Utah til the fall and so badly want to take one! And cute purse refashion!

    4. Natalie says:

      Ah, I’m so bummed I missed your class. I need to make sure I can get out of work next time.

    5. Libby Kleyn says:

      What?! You never cease to amaze me with your craftiness. That bag rocks!

    6. Molly H. says:

      I totally had that sweater in lavender circa 1999. It was definitely way too hot as a tank in south Georgia–would have been much better as a bag! Love it!

    7. Tang says:

      Hmmm really great idea for unwanted vests in general!

    8. erin says:

      This is so cute! Looks great!

    9. Love the sweater transformation! Super cute!

    10. Bellesme says:

      Great! I think it looks SO much better than the sweater =P

    11. Virginia says:

      how clever!! very cool. definitely dig it.

    12. Heidi says:

      That was such a quick fix, but with amazing results!

    13. Bmerry says:


    14. CK says:

      WOw! Awesome job! That looks great!

    15. Chelsea says:

      You’re the best! Awesome!

    16. Rachel says:

      I really really really really CANNOT wait until your online calligraphy class! If I were in Utah I would definitely be coming in person!

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    18. JoLynn says:

      This is so cute! Wish I still had the exact same sweater!! :) I know I owned the same thing awhile back.

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