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I just got the UO quilt in the mail! Of course I wasted ZERO time unpacking it & making the bed with it. Over the weekend during my trips to Home Depot I picked up a few paint chips in anticipation of receiving the quilt.

As of right now it incorporates all of the colors we’ve got in the bedroom (and our house, really): orange, yellow & black. A while back I was debating on staining my new dresser yellow (to go with everything else), but was afraid it’d be too matchy matchy with my yellow rocking chair. Now that I have the quilt, I think one of these additional colors would be great for the dresser. Which one, though? I’m sort of leaning towards Martha Stewart’s Palmetto.

Please help me decide & cast your vote in the comments or the poll on the sidebar. Thanks!

P.S. I forgot to mention, this color will be semi-transparent, as I will be staining the wood furniture this color.

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    1. jenn says:

      I think Palmetto would be really pretty on your dresser and it makes the yellow pop a little more than Agave…but of the two swatches I am more drawn to Agave because it seems more muted. I’m not helpful!

    2. I love the agave, beautiful color and it matches perfectly! I think the palmetto is a little too green compared to the quilt.

    3. I say Agave, but only because I once painted my front room a color very similar to Palmetto and ended up not liking it and having to repaint the room again LOL!

    4. Emily says:

      They’re both great but I’m loving the palmetto a bit more. :)

    5. Kristin says:

      I love the Agave, it fights less with the bright yellow than the Palmetto does (because the Palmetto is too yellow a green) and tha Agave reads more neutral with that color palette. I painted our living room Benjamin Moore’s Soft Fern, which if you are leaning towards green, is less yellow and would complement the bright yellow better than Palmetto. However, it may just be the colors aren’t true to real life in the picture (the bane of internet/digital existence), so go with what you like :)

    6. Virginia says:

      I’ll vote for the Palmetto as well- I love furniture that is painted a brighter color, versus the more toned down Agave.

    7. Bellesme says:

      I like the color of Palmetto, BUT I think Agave matches more… =P

    8. MommaRa says:

      i’ll vote for the palmetto as well. I think it would be a fun color and not to matchy. I like that look better.

    9. amanda says:

      agave! ps love loved your refashion post, btw :)

    10. phil says:

      agave ;-)

    11. linz says:

      palmetto on the dresser, fo sho. maybe yellow knobs or something.

    12. Carmen says:

      I’m voting for the agave!

    13. Amanda Lewis says:


    14. Amanda Lewis says:

      P.S. I love Linz’ idea of palmetto with yellow knobs–that’s awesome!

    15. Pat says:

      I totaly prefer the agave color!
      That’s such a rich color!

    16. Evie says:

      Agave. Since you already have a yellow rocking chair(a bright color), painting your dresser in Palmetto(an accent color) would be too “busy”. Agave is more neutral. Leave the Palmetto for accents, like pillows. Otherwise, there are just too many colors going on.

    17. Shaela says:

      I like the agave better :)

    18. brooke says:

      my vote is for the palmetto. i love how it coordinates with the quilt, but is less matchy-matchy.

    19. Bmerry says:


    20. ooh i dig the agave a LOT! cute quilt!

    21. jen says:

      I’d go with the Agave. Can’t wait to see it all put together!

    22. morgan says:

      Agave. All the way!

    23. Nicia says:


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