Party with Me & Some Gourmet Cookies


I went to Ruby Snap (a local cookie parlor) for a tasting party last Thursday & I’ve not been able to stop thinking about the Billie Ann cookie since. You can’t even tell what the cookie is from the picture, but it’s the most delicious cookie made with curry, coconut & carrots. It’s a very unlikely combination, but absolutely divine. The cookie was topped with a coconut whipped cream frosting that’s incredible.

I’m sounding like a fanatic; maybe it’s my recent low-carb menu talking, but this cookie truly is fantastic.


We had a cookie making contest & I won!! I won a gift card for a dozen cookies. I don’t want to eat the cookies all by myself, so who wants to come over to my house for a little cookie tasting party Saturday afternoon, May 21st? R.S.V.P. by commenting on this post by Friday & I’ll pick six of you at random. I think it’d be so fun to get to know you & munch on delicious cookies!


Attending the tasting party was a much-needed break. It was refreshing to hang out with fellow blog ladies, listen to a truly inspiring story about how Tami got started & how she’s overcome several bumps in the road with grace & success. I left feeling that much more excited to start pursuing my goals and hopefully I’ll maintain the energy to make those goals real.


I love that she names her cookies & that Penelope is the name for her peanut butter cookie!! I took the chocolate-dipped cookie home to Penelope & she loved it. So did Chris!

It’s rare that I ever remember to take my camera to events like these, so I’m just so excited to share this with you. Read more about the event here.

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    1. Leanne says:

      That’s so fun you won. I would love to come for the tasting party. I mean, who can pass up cookies? It would be so fun to meet you and some other local bloggers. I hope you pick me!

    2. Sounds like the cookies were delicious! I’d love to get together for cookie tasting and fun talk!

    3. How cute are those cookie names/retro ladies! Love them! And I wish I didn’t live in Michigan or I’d jump on the chance for a cookie meet ‘n’ greet!

    4. Bmerry says:

      That’s a long way to drive for a cookie. Too bad.

    5. Super cute! I don’t think I could make it to the party (I live in SC), but so excited for you to post pictures of it :)

    6. Adria says:

      Pick me! I live for cookies :o)

    7. you are too cute — congrats on winning the cookie contest and i love the idea for a tasting party! cookies are my very favorite thing (plus i haven’t seen you in a LONG time!) so please consider me entered :)

    8. Wow! a Cookie tasting party? Genius. Everyone should be doing this! I’d love to be there!

    9. Heather C. says:

      I missed the deadline if you meant Friday the 6th but I figured I’d comment just in case. I’d love to catch up with you but I also wouldn’t want to take the opportunity away from someone else that has not met you before. Sounds so yummy!

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