Knit Top To Pillow Refashion


In that stash of goodies my friend Dani gave me, was a pretty Ann Taylor sweater. I didn’t get any before photos, but it was a basic long sleeve sweater, circa the early 2000s.

I cut off the sleeves & sewed all the openings closed. I originally made this pillow for Penelope’s bed, but as it turns out, it matches the outer teal border on our new quilt! It’ll likely go down to P’s room, though. Chris hates extra pillows.

I still have the sleeves from the sweater, so I’m thinking I’ll use those to make some pretty little leg warmers for the P-nut.

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    1. Bravo! I love the pillow and would jut have to sneak it in and be sure to pull it off before bedtime. It’s such a great match. Love seeing repurposing in action.

    2. Very very nice! I made a similar pillow with a cable knit turtleneck, but I made a wonky looking draft-dodger with the sleeves:

      But I like your legwarmer idea better!!

      I was thinking of making a couple reusable coffee cup sleeves with the neck (just haven’t gotten around to it yet…)

    3. Bmerry says:

      i think men lack the extra pillow gene.

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