Pinterest on an Empty Stomach


Browsing Pinterest, a visual bookmarking site, is Trouble with a capital “T” on an empty stomach. Heck, browsing the whole internet is trouble. I came across this cinnamon roll recipe sometime last week (I forget how) & I’ve been scheming for the perfect chance to make them. Today was the day. We have no where to go & it’s raining (or at least it was).


undefinedPenelope was more than excited to see that I was making pancakes – it’s a big deal around our house if I make breakfast. Usually our morning fare consists of cold cereal.


This recipe was incredibly easy & tasty, but I made a few changes. Instead of using margarine, I used butter. I had butter on hand & it just so happen to make the cinnamon mixture less gooey. Although, if I were to do it again, I’d use a legitimate pastery bag for piping out the cinnamon mixture. The butter solidified & I burst the ziplock I was using & made a tasty mess on the skillet.


I’ve bookmarked a few of my favorite ‘to try’ recipes onto Pinterest & funny enough, they’re all desserts or sweet breakfast foods (thanks to Lyndsey for pointing that out). Maybe I need to get my sweet tooth under control.

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    1. Rebecca says:

      Mmmmm. Yours are so pretty. What a great way to get cinnamon rolls without all the time and work. Yum!

      Coffee & Inspiration

    2. Taylor says:

      That happened to me one day too where I wanted to make like 10 different things for dinner. Lately it just makes me want to learn a bunch of new crafts like embroidery and knitting. I seriously don’t know where my time goes the minute i log on.

    3. angie says:

      your cinnamon rolls look so tasty! haha..and penelope’s face eating it is precious.

    4. jen says:

      I came to the same conclusion about my recipe board on pinterest! All desserts! That’s when I started a new board for just cakes. I don’t actually make desserts all the time, but the recipes sure come in handy when I do!

    5. …..and apparently it’s bad news to read your blog on an empty stomach too! :) the sour cream cinnamon streusel muffins with pecan filling you pinned??? oh my.

    6. OHHH I hear you girlfriend. I am totally addicted to Pinterest. So much fun browsing all the eye candy. Your pancakes are definitely Pinterest worthy! What a good Momma you are.

    7. Diana Smith says:

      OH my gosh that looks good! I am so hungry now haha

    8. Jessica says:

      Pinterest is my new obsession! I have found some pretty neat things on there. Craft ideas, decorating, hair/makeup, recipes, and the list goes on!

    9. Amy says:

      Oh my yum.

    10. michael ann says:

      goodness gracious those look good! i finally made a food board for myself on pinterest because there are just too many tasty looking treats! my list of things to make for dessert is getting tooo long…

    11. LOL! hey man, i fully support the dessert-overload on pinterest. i just thought it was a funny coincidence :)

    12. Rachel Dell says:

      i’m officially following you on pinterest. and i’m super excited about it. i have a desserts board that’s insane. it gives me something to do/drool about at work. good thing pinning/pining after them doesn’t make you gain weight :)

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