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I’ve known Shannon since the good ‘ole college summer days – barbecues on Wednesdays & pool-time practically every day. It wasn’t until about a year or so ago that I found out that she has a photography business. Her work is fantastic: professional & unique. She approached me a while back to help her re-brand. Her previous branding was fine – standard script + standard serif fonts. Basic, but slightly stuffy for her style. She wanted something a little more “her”, of course.

It was a fun challenge to¬†incorporate her spunk & personality with the classic side of her business. I think the two styles combined rather well & I couldn’t be more thrilled about the design. It’s simple, but I had a great time making the fun calligraphic elements. with the pattern in the header I was channeling my inner Jessica Hische (she’s one my design heroes).

If you’re in the Temple, Texas area & looking for a great photographer; contact her. You won’t regret it.

On another design note: I won a little logo contest at Chris’s work! With the prize, we can stuff our faces with all the Lion House rolls our hearts desire. YUM!!

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    1. Rachel P says:

      I’m so glad you posted this! I live in North Austin and Temple’s just 30 minutes from here!Good to know of a good photographer in the area, I had a baby girl around the same time Felix was born. Now I know who to use for her photos!

    2. What a wonderful logo, and I love the swirls in the background as well! Would you consider doing another photographer re-brand? I adore your design sense and I think we have a lot in common and would of course love to pay you for your epic sense of style. :)

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