Swapping Clothes


I had a little impromptu clothes swap with my friend Sarah. She’s an amazing thrifter with very similar taste/style as me so we were both oohing & ahhing over the clothes we were swapping. I wish we were neighbors!

Sarah gave me these killer red leather shoes.

She also gave me a chambray shirt (now I feel like one of the cool kids), killer silver keds (which is awesome because my gold ones are too small) & a rockin floral tank. I’m going to alter the tank a bit, so I’ll show you when it’s done. Swapping clothes is the best!

P.S. Isn’t Sarah the most adorable pregnant lady ever?

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    1. Diana Smith says:

      WHat a fun little get together! You both look so cute!

    2. Aynna says:

      How did you get through an entire pregnancy without wearing maternity clothes? I’m going through my second pregnancy and have very little options for maternity clothes to choose from this time around, and for the summer season. Do you have any suggestions?

    3. How cute are you guys! What a fun thing to do. Love those little red leather shoes…

    4. Rachel Dell says:

      i love that you have gold keds. and the first thing i noticed in the top picture were the red shoes. they look like toms. which is cool. also i feel the same about chambray shirts, it’s what all the cool kids are doing. that and nude heels, which i also don’t own. but what am i talking about? you are one of the cool kids

    5. Elisa says:

      I need this red shoes like I need air.

      What a great idea! I love thrifting, but have yet to find a friend to go with.

    6. anna luft says:

      she is indeed adorable – and stylish!- very nice blog!!



    7. anna luft says:

      she is indeed adorable – and stylish!- very nice blog!!



    8. I saw all those non maternity maternity outfit posts and I am totally up to the challenge next time around. Those “jeggings” with the elastic band at the top from walmart are the golden ticket… Lets face it maternity clothes can be lame. haha But no longer!!!

    9. Christina says:

      Hello fellow refashionista! Ur blog is adorable! -C.C.
      refashion statement

    10. Corrie Anne says:

      sweet swap. she totally is the cutest pregnant lady. i have a friend like that. i wish we were neighbors too!

    11. SarahJane says:

      Oh Melissa! You look great in that shirt. I knew it would fit you well. I swear it was always popping open on me at inopportune times. I went thrifting again today and kind of wished you were there. Move to Stansbury. Also, you’re sweet to think I’m cute. Most days I feel like maybe cute in a chubby kid way.

    12. Nessa says:

      How fun! I love how you fixed your hair up too… is that a scarf? really pretty.

    13. katherine says:

      you both are soooo adorable :)

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