The 2-second Skirt


Yesterday I attacked my “to sew” pile & finished two baby blankets (one which went practically straight to the wash because of Felix) and a skirt. I got this ruffled fabric way back when I was pregnant so I made a pillow & a skirt for Penelope out of it. I couldn’t wait to get my waist back so I could make a skirt out of it. Then Felix came & I forgot all about the fabric.


A couple of measurements & two seams later, I have a new skirt! I love that I don’t have to worry about a hem in the is fabric. I hate hemming. Between this & the baby blankets I only diminished my “to sew” pile by about an eighth, but progress is progress. I’ve got too many refashions in the works.

undefinedAlso, are you familiar with Cotton & Curls? It’s my new blog obsession & she has a group called refashion nation. It’s a great place to find other refashion blogs as well as list your own blog if you’re a refashionista.


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    1. Elaine says:

      I love it! The ruffle brown fabric is gorgeous. What tutorial did you use?

    2. Melissa says:

      i just winged it. i measured my waist & subtracted about a half inch (for the elastic) then i measured my hips & the length of the skirt. i cut the fabric to the length i wanted & to the width of my hips. i sewed the ends together & tried it on. then i tapered the skirt from the hip to the waist & attached the elastic. it was pretty simple, even though my explanation is sorta crazy.

    3. Emma says:

      This is so cute!

    4. Shannon says:

      Love this entire outfit! So cute! I want that skirt.

    5. Rebecca says:

      I have some of that same fabric that I’ve been dying to make a dress out of. It was boxed up before I moved and I’m thinking it’s time to whip up a quick dress. Love your skirt!!

      Coffee & Inspiration

    6. Magatha May says:

      what a gorgeous skirt! great project

    7. Emily says:

      Nice job! I love non fraying fabrics. :)

    8. Diana Smith says:

      This is adorable! I love the fit on you! You look amazing!

    9. Aja says:

      So cute! Love the ruffles!

    10. Bellesme says:

      I love it! Its amazing! How I want to make my own clothes, jewelry and purses and stuff…

    11. Tamara says:

      LOVE the skirt! You look fabulous!

    12. Krista says:

      What a cute skirt! Love the fabric. Thanks for the info on Cotton & Curls! I’m a refashionista now! Woot! I didn’t know there was a community out there. Makes me all warm and fuzzy!

    13. merrick says:

      I love cotton&curls. And I also love that skirt. Where did you find that fabric???

    14. oh that is just gorgeous! nice work!!

    15. Heidi says:

      This skirt is so pretty! Not everyone can pulled off that ruffled look without looking bulky but you sure can! It looks great!

    16. Lisa R says:

      Great job on this skirt. Just wanted to say thanks for taking the picture without tons of makeup and your glasses on. Way to be real. It’s appreciated.

    17. Anna @ IHOD says:

      You are too cute!! Love this ensemble! I am inspired to start crafting into clothing:)

    18. You are so talented, love the skirt! You are so darn cute!

    19. SarahJane says:

      I love this combo!! Cute skirt and totally love that shirt.

    20. Julia says:

      What is that fabric and where can I get some lol?

    21. Melissa says:

      Julia & Merrick,

      i got it courtesy of they have loads of different kinds of ruffled fabrics & rad elastics! check em out!

    22. elizabeth says:

      this is adorable! i so want to make one! now to decide on the color fabric to buy from ruffle fabric!!

    23. Shanna says:

      I am almost finished with this skirt, I have cut it and sewn it together at the side, but havent attached the elastic band yet. I have seen many ways to do it, how did you do it to avoid the gathered look? Thank you. Awesome skirt.

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