Thrifty & Chic: A New Headboard


I was sad to see our old headboard go, but it just didn’t fit our new place. I knew it’d be nearly impossible to find another headboard similar & for $8 (I know, it was a major steal), but I kept my eyes peeled anyway. I didn’t end up with an upholstered headboard, but I am happy with what I did find.


We also replaced our bedding. I love the rusty orange color of this quilt, but truly Chris & I can’t stand it. It’s scratchy & catches on even the softest of skin. I can’t rub my hands along the quilt without cringing. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. So now I’m patiently awaiting the arrival of this beauty (discovered via AnnilyGreen).

Apparently the couple I bought this headboard from had just refinished it, but then updated their home & bought new furniture to match. It’s a gorgeous hard wood headboard in perfect condition. I got it for $40! I’m extremely happy with it. The projector part of me wants to get some leather & make an upholstered insert. I don’t imagine it would be too difficult to attach something like that, but I probably won’t get around to doing that project for some time. As it is, I have yet to stain our new dresser, stain our new music stool or add the finishing touches to our handmade table.

One project at a time, Melissa. ONE project at a time.


On another note, Penelope thinks she’s invisible with her blanket over her head. Right after I bought this headboard (a few weeks ago) she was supposed to be napping in her room, but instead wandered the house with the blanket atop her head. She was supposed to get a time out for wandering out of her room during nap-time/quiet-time, but I was a softie. I thought she was being too cute for a time out.

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    1. Madeline says:


      You will not believe this, but I was totally scoping that headboard. I even sent the link to Steve! We are also looking for an upholstered headboard (kind of wish I had bought your old one…) but I stumbled on that and thought it was pretty enough to ignore the fact that it wasn’t upholstered, but now Steve can’t think of getting one unless it is.

      Anyway. Totally love that you bought it and how it looks in your space!

    2. Rebecca says:

      You’re a total softie and that is totally cute! I giggled just imaging her walking around the house thinking she was invisible. How could you put something that adorable in time out, right? Love it.

      Coffee & Inspiration

    3. Sarah Jane says:

      It looks GORG! I’m so glad you finally ordered the damn thing. :) Oh and E doesn’t even put a blanket over himself. He just thinks I can’t see him if he closes his eyes. He performs various naughty acts with his eyes closed.

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