Thrifty & Chic: Plastic Sandals


I love jelly shoes. Back in the day when they first came in style I’d wear mine every day (much to my parents’ chagrin). My dad hated the fact that I wore them on nature walks. “They’re not real shoes,” he’d always say. I wore them anyway.

I found these plastic vintage babies a couple of weeks ago. I got them for $3, which isn’t much of a steal as you can buy brand new ones for about that much anyway. Meh, $3 for a pair of shoes is pretty darn awesome. I do love the sweetheart shape of the peep-toe (not sure that’s what you call it, but that’s what I’m going to call it). They originally had ankle straps, but the ankle straps were for someone much smaller-boned than me. That’s perhaps why there were LOADS of the same type of shoe in a big pile at D.I. They probably couldn’t sell them to normal people with normal ankles. Only Barbie-ankled people.

No matter. Since they’re one solid piece of plastic, I just snipped them off with some sturdy scissors. I plan on using the buckles (if I can get the rivet part off) for a pair of saltwater sandals that I want to make. We’ll see if that happens or if the buckles will gather dust for a year before I throw them out.

Have you scored any killer deals lately? Please share in the comments! If you have pictures, share those too. I’d love to see!!!

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    1. Cute! My older sister still wears her jellies and loves them. The only scores I’ve made have been for leather – which is great since it’s my biz. I seem to be blessed with the ability to find great leather. Lately though, I’ve also been looking for a summery dress to repurpose into a tunic. This has alluded me.

    2. Heather says:

      I finally found a nice big vintage suitcase at the thrift store. It was $3 and I am totally stoked about it. It may not seem like a big deal but being here in Japan I haven’t had much luck finding them at the base thrift store. Now I just need to decided what I am going to make with it…

    3. Vicki says:

      My biggest deal lately was a fuji instax mini camera for 2$! perfect condition and i’ll already gone through two packs of film!

    4. Suzy says:

      I have such fond memories of “gellies” (as we called them) back in the day… except for one particularly HOT day, my plastic shoes started to BURN MY FEET! Ouch!

    5. Nicia says:

      I couldn’t help but giggle inside when you said, “the ankle straps were for someone much smaller-boned than me.” Do they even come any more smaller boned than you!!?? Does Chris get as roll-ee eyed at thrift shopping as Joe does? Drives me nuts that he doesn’t get nearly as excited…correction…even remotely excited about my awesome finds as I do! :)

    6. jen.nie says:

      Oooh! I LOVE jellies! I must ask, what DI you get them from? If there were as many as you say maybe i could score a pair.

      I was able to score an awesome framed tomb rubbing of a knight and lady. I love it.

    7. Janet says:

      I just got five pairs of amazing vintage shoes including a pair of Stuart Weitzman’s at Value Village for just over $20 ($20.15 to be exact)! I was astonished that noone else had snatched these beauts up! I don’t know how to add a photo here but I did post about them on my blog here:

      I also scored a whole bunch of other great stuff!

    8. I laughed when I read the part about barbie ankled people!
      They are cute shoes for sure! I found these for $1 each at a thrift store.

      They were intitally really dirty but in great condition. They are zippered pillow covers and I took the pillows out and washed them 3 times and now they are amazing and clean! Then I put my daughter’s ugly older pink damask pillows inside.

    9. Shaela says:

      I scored a BRAND NEW electric ice cream maker for $10. I know that’s not an insane deal, but considering that it was still in the factory-sealed package and only last year’s model I was pretty stoked. We have lots of food allergies and don’t get ice cream very often so we are way excited to be able to make our own now. :)

    10. It’s so cool.I also buy a pair of plastic sandals,just like you I put some folwer on the sandals, very cute.Or I put a Plastic bowknot on them.So my plastic sandals can change every day!

    11. Angela Brown says:

      I like the shoes! Today I found a child’s metal writing desk for 10 bucks and last weekend scored a MCM long dresser for $70 which was a great steal for me. Happy hunting! Oh and I love your blog! :)

    12. Rachel says:

      I sored a bunch of stuff on a recent yard sale day. I loved all the things that i got, but i especially loved these really awesome vintage shoes, i wear them all the time now…. You can check out my shoes and other finds with the link below!

    13. Makenzie says:

      I went to a yard sale where I hit a major gold mine! There is a blogpost I have that is called “yard sale say whhatt??” I got a big box full of stuff for $5!! It was amazing! Check it out!

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