XXL Shirt Refashion


When I go to thrift stores I never have time to try things on unless I’m sans kids. I found this top while frantically surfing through the women’s section on my way to the kid’s section. You can’t really tell by the photo, but it’s somewhere around an XXL. I was swimming in it.


It’s a great, simple handmade top with a sweet pattern. It’s a simple pattern, so I thought it’d be pretty fun & easy to refashion. I was right! It took me a few weeks to get around to it, though. Here’s what I changed:


  • The back of the top had a keyhole opening, I lowered that & made it the front.
  • I took in about 8 inches off each side
  • I ruched the sleeves at both the outer & inner seams
  • I added vintage lace to the neckline & sleeves

Overall, pretty simple fixes. I love this top; it’s the perfect colorway to go with black or brown. To see the whole outfit, check out the fashion section by clicking here.

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    2. Kelli says:

      I love this!

    3. meredith says:

      perfection, the lace is so sweet.

    4. Shaela says:

      what a fabulous refashion!! Love the new look :)

    5. Evie says:

      So darling!

    6. phil says:

      stunning , as always !!!!! :-)

    7. aimee says:

      This is beautiful! When I saw the title of your post, I was like – Whoa! – I just did a little post on “shrinking” a shirt. But then I saw your shirt — SO much prettier than mine! (Of course, mine was a Bulls t-shirt, so there wasn’t really a way to make it as pretty as yours, but still!). Anyway, fabulous job!


    8. LOVE IT! Great job!

      I just got a vintage shirt that’s huge but otherwise awesome and I want to take it in. I get how to take in the sides but what about when the chest is so huge? How did you take it in around the top part? Thanks for any help!

    9. Adiel says:

      Wow, this turned out so great! Fantastic job!


    10. Emily says:

      Wow! Looks amazing! :)

    11. Bellesme says:

      Hair loook amaazinggg! Is it your natural hair color?

    12. Jen says:

      This is inspiring. Now I have so many more options when trying to find a shirt. I’m not limited to just my size! I think I’ll stick to thrift store clothes though. Then if it looks awful when I’m done sewing, I’ll only have wasted a few bucks. :)

    13. That is ingenious! I sometimes buy clearance clothes that are XXL and try to make them into a smaller cut, but I’m not very good at it. Your tailoring skills are much better than mine! You’ve inspired me to keep trying.

    14. This is simply adorable! I’m a thrifting nut and am always on the lookout for something to upcycle. Bravo and a big hat tip!

    15. Mel says:

      Oh, this is adorable! I actually have an extra-large shirt that I’ve had no idea what to do with; it’s been sitting in my closet for probably 2 years because it’s a cute shirt….just doesn’t fit me right….thinking this would be the perfect thing.

    16. Heidi says:

      I love seeing your refashion! This shirt is so pretty!

    17. Laurie says:

      So cute! Nice job.

    18. sarah jane says:

      This shirt is so lovely. I totally wish I could sew. I have to tell you that in that last pic, your hair looks picturesque. And, you are the skinniest post partum I have ever seen. Ya look good girl!

    19. I really love what you’ve done with this shirt. It looks great on you and I love the print!

    20. Stephanie says:

      I just adore this shirt – and all of your refashions. Too cute!

    21. Rachel Dell says:

      i absolutely love this shirt. so pretty. and i think it’s great that you made the back the front. brill much?

    22. […] thrifted, refashioned, […]

    23. Oh, I wish I was a confident sewer. This inspires me to set up my machine and get crafty! I have a bin of clothes that are too big and need some taking in and having lace and ribbon attached. You have inspired me, I love the fact that you turned it backwards, it looks really cute on you too.

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