5 Minutes of Fame


I was on a local tv show: Studio 5, showing some of the fun things you can do with leather. It was SO much fun to do the segment & I’m incredibly grateful for help from my sister (she let me take her car & she watched the kiddos) and Jill!


A lot of the things you see in this segment you’ve seen here already, but there were a few new goodies in there. Notice my headband? We didn’t talk about it in the segment, but I used the pattern pieces from the fringed necklace & glued them onto a headband. Also – there’s a little tutorial at the end showing you how to braid leather with two closed ends (at about 5:30). It’s magic! Here are some quick links to the tutorials I mentioned in the segment:

Poopy ClutchFringed Coin PurseBow CuffFringed Feather NecklaceMagic Braided Bracelet

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    1. Katie says:

      Cute! You’re so cute! Great job!

    2. jen says:

      That’s so awesome! You are so eloquent too….totally a natural!

    3. Melanie Burk says:

      You are so cute!!! Look at you on tv. I love it. you are such a rockstar :)

    4. cute lady … what a nice segment. congrats to you!

    5. Lisa Kind says:

      Great job on the show! Love your projects!

    6. Libby says:

      You did such a great job!! Love the headband too.

    7. phil says:

      congratulations melissa . it’s great and very entertaining :-)
      you also look very good on screen !!!

    8. Emily A says:

      Way to go Melissa! You did a fabulous job!

    9. Nicia says:

      You did such a good job! Way to go. :)

    10. Kelli says:

      This is so exciting! Best of luck with all your future work. I am sure you will be very busy!

    11. Nydia says:

      Great stuff as usual :) Thank you

    12. Melissa says:

      Great job!

    13. Julia says:

      Seriously, I am so impressed! I’m going to share this info with my crafty sister so she can make me something out of leather. :) You are so talented! And you look awesome. Not kidding.

    14. Wow congrats that must have been so exciting!!

    15. tiffany says:

      you were fabulous and i love all the stuff you have been doing with leather!

    16. […] week, in preparation for my little TV debut, I made a leather feather headband using the pattern pieces from the Fringed Feather necklace […]

    17. Anne says:

      Great job! I love Studio 5 because they feature wonderful local talent. I was like, “I know her. I met her!” Always fun.

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