Busy, Busy & A Giveaway


Forgive me if I double-up posts these next few days. I’ve got a lot coming your way; a giveaway, a couple of reeeally fancy tutorials and ME! on TV. Oh yeah. I’m going to be famous or something like that.

Today, I’m over at the Rhodes Rolls blog, sharing a little experiment of mine. Let me tell you- it’s one tasty experiment!

As always, it’s a pleasure to do these posts for Rhodes. It forces me to go outside my quiver of standard recipes & discover something new & delicious! Rhodes is offering two ISLY readers a Rhodes Rolls cookbook! I love mine & I know you will, too. It’s FULL of pictures (I’m such a visual person, so pics are a must) & great recipe ideas.

To enter, please:

TWO winners will be chosen & announced on this post, Tuesday June 7. Good luck!


undefinedundefined I’ll be emailing you details. Congrats ladies!

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    1. Tara Evans says:

      Blueberry and lemon are always a hit, I’d definitely explore that avenue. Or, I know this is more savory, but I love the combination of blueberry preserves and brie. TO DIE FOR!

    2. Allison says:

      I would put either strawberry or raspberry filling inside and top with a chocolate/hazelnut drizzle.

    3. Emily says:

      Yum! I’d love to put chocolate in them. :)

    4. Amy says:

      Ooooh yummy. My husband LOVES rhodes rolls. And as far as the “surprise” goes, I would love to try each idea from the previous three commenters: raspberry, chocolate/hazelnut (yum!!), or blueberry.

      Dangit. You guys are determined to keep me chubby, aren’t you? :)

      Here’s to hoping I win a cookbook!

    5. Laurel G says:

      ooh those sound great! I’d love to fill it with apple pie filling! Mmm my mouth is watering now!

    6. Meeri says:

      I’m a big fan of fruity flavors so I’d definitely add strawberry or blueberry inside!

    7. Tang says:

      I’m all about strawberries and chocolate!

    8. jen says:

      That looks seriously amazing! I think I’d add some Nutella! Oh yeah!

    9. Karissa says:

      Ummmmm definitely chocolate. As much chocolate as possible.

    10. michael ann says:

      how fun! i’m totally feeling all the chocolate strawberry comments, ooh that sounds so good right now :]

    11. Amanda says:

      Ooooh! I would HAVE to add fig to the inside of these little beauties! Mmmm…. love the recipe and LOVE the cookbook! I am a big ol sucker for cookbooks and this one looks especially delightful :)

    12. Marissa says:

      i agree with all the chocoholics here. i’d probably also sneak some nutella in there. or bananas with cream cheese or something. oh man, you just got me all hungry!

      i’m excited to hear about the TV gig!

    13. Nicia says:

      With summer approaching, definitely something light and fruit-filled! I’d say blackberry or boysenberry (or however you spell it) with a yummy glaze on top.

    14. jaycee says:

      I would add apple pie filling with lots of cinnamon!

    15. I would delete the nuts and change the strawberries to raspberries. But, really, I am sure it is scrumptious just the way it is!

    16. Mary says:

      Oh! I can see the possibilities, YUM! My first thought was apples with caramel, and a drizzle of caramel on top. But I like the Nutella idea, too:-)

    17. Merrick says:

      What a good idea! I think strawberries, raspberries or chocolate would be my top choices :)

    18. Lanae says:

      I’d put peanut butter in it. :)

    19. Melissa says:

      I think I would put cinnamon and sugar in the middle!!

    20. kristal says:

      Great recipe – can’t wait to try it! I’m thinking figs and honey for some reason… :)

    21. Kimber says:

      AH! I’m obsessed with Rhodes Rolls! I love that you introduced your readers to their blog!

      I think If red sprinkles were added to the tops it’d be like a party in your mouth :)

    22. Amanda says:

      Wow! I just recently discovered Rhodes rolls and we really like them. I like the chocolate idea or maybe some lemon curd…would that work?

    23. Jen R says:

      Definitely need some chocolate inside! Which reminds me….every Thanksgiving (since we were kids) my cousins and I are in charge of making the dinner rolls (and by making, I mean putting the pillsbury rolls onto the sheet and baking it, haha). Every year we add a “surprise” to one of the rolls, and its always fun to see who gets it! The surprise is usually like a Snicker’s miniature or some other candy.

    24. Brianne says:

      I think a cinnamon mixture would be delightful! crossing my fingers for this one, i love cookbooks!

    25. whit says:

      i would add raspberries with the lemon or make a sort of peaches and creamy center.

    26. Heather HS says:

      Looks tasty! I would do almond paste… YUM.

    27. heidi says:

      oh my, these look delicious! i am so inspired to try! i think someone else mentioned a peanut butter surprise inside, which got me salivating! :)

    28. I’m not sure what I’d put inside the rolls, maybe something lemony because I started craving them when you mentioned you used them. Or maybe something cinnamony.
      Thanks for the giveaway!

    29. Jessica says:

      Mmmmmm…those rolls look delicious! At first when I was thinking of a filling I automatically thought raspberry, and then saw that that is what the recipe originally called for. Then I read through, and thought, how about nutella, with bits of hazelnut, and cream cheese icing? That sounds SO good! Sorry about all the excitement! I like to eat, and I like sweets! Another filling could be cherries, or any fruit that is berry like.

    30. Christine says:

      This sounds yummy! I can’t wait to try it. I might do strawberries instead and keep the lemon drizzle. Ah, the tastes of summer!

    31. Katherine says:

      looks so delicious! thanks for the giveaway

    32. Jenn says:

      Well I know what I will be baking tomorrow!! I don’t know if we have strawberry jam at home, but we certainly have fresh strawberries & cream cheese!
      What a great idea!

    33. I would definitely go the traditional route and toss some orange juice and citrus flavor in the middle! Maybe some orange marmalade or lemon curd. Yum.

    34. Ella Di Gregorio says:

      humm, I think I would have to put nutella inside!

    35. Ooh, I love the strawberry idea. Maybe nutella and banana could be good, too?


    36. looks so delicious and flaky! i really like your strawberry idea, as well. but i think a raspberry blend would be yummy, too!

    37. Jenn O says:

      The whole thing looks so yummy. I’ve never tried Rhodes products before, but I was thinking it would taste yummy with some lemon curd too(either put on top of or swirled with the creme cheese)…or almond paste with apples, or pumpkin and creme cheese, the possibilities are endless. yummy!

    38. Kelly Woodward says:

      I love Rhodes they always come to my rescue!

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