Leather & Elastic Belt


This is the most comfy belt I’ve made to date. Just last night I discovered that I actually CAN sew leather with my sewing machine. Turns out the “leather” needle that I had used in the past was really dull. Now that I have a legit, sharper than sharp leather needle, my machine handles the leather just fine. Now I’m going crazy thinking of all the awesome things I can make with leather. Leather skirt? Leather boxes? Leather purse? OH, you have no idea how excited this makes me.

undefinedundefinedAlso, it turns out that sewing leather is even more satisfying than sewing through paper. Not quite sure how that’s possible, but it is. Using this 3″ elastic, I made an über comfy wide belt. You know how some belts just don’t budge as you move? or it’s just too loose? With the elastic that problem is solved.


I had originally planned on making a really elaborate belt, but as I was working on the project, I decided to keep it simple. I’m glad I did. This belt is also perfect for layering with other belts. I love the layered effect.


Have you tried sewing leather with a machine? What are your thoughts about it?

To see details on the full outfit, click here.

Elastic courtesy of rufflefabric.com

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    1. Oh girl, you know my thoughts…but I’ll share with the rest of the class. :)

      You can sew leather with a regular machine as long as it’s not too thick, you use a leather needle, and set your stitch length to the longest available (because a leather needle actually cuts through the leather and you don’t want to slice a nice little strip). HOWEVER, most regular machines, if not ALL regular machines aren’t made for that kind of work. If you try to sew too much leather, your machine will turn on you and never forgive you. It will be ugly. I know, I tried.

      But for a belt or two, you’re good to go! And that’s my .02.

    2. I love the layering!
      I’ve sewn leather at work on industrial machines. It’s not too bad, but it just scares me that once the needle goes through the leather the hole can’t be undone.

    3. Kayla says:

      Elastic belts are the best. thing. ever. It’s so demoralizing when you have to loosen your belt halfway through the day.

    4. oh dear, now I’m eyeing up my purses and my husband’s jacket, looking for prey. I’m pretty sure I need a belt like this. Want isn’t even in the vocabulary.

    5. Scissors says:

      Girl, I know you didn’t just give birth with a waist that small!

    6. Christi says:

      I’ve wanted to sew leather before and been too scared. This makes it seem much more approachable!

    7. Cute belt! I LOVE belts. Its probably pretentious how much I wear them. As for sewing with leather, I have never tried. But I am going to reupholster a mid century with some mustard yellow pleather…. Does that count? haha

    8. Tamara says:

      Just saw this belt while I was browsing and then saw this post! This would be cool to make:

    9. […] Leather & Elastic Belt » ISLY | I Still Love You I had originally planned on making a really elaborate belt but as I was working on the project, I decided to keep it simple. I'm glad I did. This belt is also perfect for layering with other belts I love the layered effect. I love being featured around the web, but I do ask that if you'd like to feature this blog or any part of it that you use only 1-2 photos of any given post & link back to the original post. Do NOT link directly to downloads, […]

    10. i love this so much!! it’s so fabulous … i love the elastic belts for their great fit and versatility. the leather makes it much more high. just darling!!

    11. Allison says:

      I really like this, nice work!

    12. Bmerry says:

      I like it simple. Isn’t leather hard to sew without an industrial machine? I remember busting a lot of needs on pleather.

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