My New iPhone Case


I’ve tried a couple of different leather DIY versions of the iPhone case, but nothing has been quite right for how I use my iPhone. Er. . . I mean the way Penelope uses my iPhone. I’ve needed a case to protect this bad boy from the carelessness of a 3 year old. About 5 months ago I started looking for one that I could customize & found Uncommon. Last Friday I finally got around to designing one for myself.



I’ve been stewing over what to put on my case for 5 months! Gosh, you’d think I was designing my own tattoo or something. After I got something I was happy with, I ordered & waited. I’m so excited to have a case that has my style written all over it & protects my phone from Penelope.


The graphic nature of my repeat pattern was heavily inspired by the amazing work of Jessica Hische (read: one of THE most talented typographic designers ever). The coloring was inspired by Jen‘s GLCB poster idea. I opened a photo of mine in photoshop, blurred the heck out of it and changed the hue/saturation until I found something I liked; turquoise & neon pink. At this point, it’s nowhere even close to the original. Then I masked the image with my pattern. I love the depth it gives the pattern. I love my new case & the pattern on it! If I were to do it all over again, though, I would’ve scaled the pattern a little larger for more dramatic effect.


Just a little FYI about uncommon: their shopping cart & customization is SO user-friendly & pretty. I was also quite surprised at their turn around. I ordered the case late Friday night & it shipped on Monday morning. It was in my hands within the week. Not bad for something so custom.



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    1. Marissa says:

      it’s beautiful! and speaking of tattoo, i would so love for you to design mine (when i finally decide i’m old and brave enough to get one). :)

    2. Heidi says:

      The way you created the color is amazing. Genius, even. How do you come up with stuff like that? Too cool for school ;)

    3. Amanda says:

      Your post (and coupon) came at the perfect time! I got a new iphone over a month ago and have been going back and forth and completely unable to make up my mind on a case I finally narrowed it down to Uncommon and a gorgeous leather case (that I finally admitted was a bit out of my price range) so I had JUST decided I would go with Uncommon and I read your post! Yay! Already ordered – can’t wait and thanks again!

    4. Allison says:

      Very cool! I wish they did covers for Android phones.

    5. Tang says:

      I LOVE Jessica’s work. This pattern is so lovely.

    6. michael ann says:

      oh i love that! the colors are so lovely, and oh man i just got an iphone a little while ago too and haven’t gotten a case yet. now i know what i’m gettingggg!

    7. Jenn says:

      That is one sweet case. And the work of Jessica Hische leaves me speechless.

    8. Kayla says:

      Oh my goodness, that is amazing!! I wish they did cases for my HTC. It took me ages to find a case I liked and when I did it had to ship from China (which took 29 days. I lived in fear of my 3 year old and 1 year old in that month).

      Also, I just saw that you’re going to be doing online calligraphy classes…sign. me. up.

    9. Amy says:

      I love the case! So cute.

    10. Sylvia Seib says:

      Love your design!! I really wish they did something for Androids =[

    11. Marisa says:

      Love your pattern, and the variation of colors is fantastic. I love that you shared your inspiration and process for developing the colors. What a fun project!

    12. Bellesme says:

      That is so pretty!!! I really like the turquoise and hot pink effect, I think it gives it a lot of depth like you said.

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