Penelope’s Patriotic Outfit


Penelope looked much too cute today. I couldn’t pass this little photo opportunity up. And, she naturally poses just like that. What a ham.

  • hat: handmade from free fabric
  • top: thrifted (yesterday), $2
  • shorts: thrifted (also yesterday), $1
  • shoes: thrifted, $3


She sat down & went through patty cake while I was snapping away. Wish my camera had a video mode. Total Cuteness Overload.

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    1. Sarah Jane says:

      Yes! Those shorts and shirt are such a cute combo! I didn’t realize the shorts were only $1! You totally scored. So glad you came out my way!

    2. Kassie says:

      OH my goodness. Adorable! Love the black and white photo!

    3. Bellesme says:

      She looks so cute!! =)
      Love her poses and the mix and match of prints =D

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