Refashion for Penelope


This might possibly be my favorite refashion I’ve done for Penelope to date. I had two shirts (that I loved quite a bit, actually) that both met sad fates.


The first (left) shrunk so small, I seriously didn’t have to take it in much on the sides (maybe a half inch) in order to fit Penelope. The second (right) got a few too many stains right at the bust line. It’s not like my bust sticks out at all, so it’s hilarious that that particular area was a magnet for stains.


It was sad to see them leave my regular wardrobe rotation, but at least I have a daughter who can wear them in hers! Here’s what I did:

  • I took in the pink shirt about a half inch on both sides
  • lopped off the bottom half of the pink shirt
  • lopped off the top 7-8 inches of the striped shirt
  • gathered the striped shirt with a baste stitch
  • pinned (right sides together) the striped shirt to the pink top
  • sewed the two together (using the jersey stitch which looks like this: –^–^–^)
  • removed the gathered stitch
  • ironed


The striped shirt came with the little sash, so I just wrapped that around her tiny waist twice & tied a little knot. I LOVE how this looks on her. Seriously, the bright pink is such a fabulous color on Miss P. Overall this refashion took about 30 minutes. It was so incredibly sweet to see her reaction when I presented the new dress to her. She squealed, “Ooo, mommy! It’s a princess dress!”


Aww. . . Pen, you know how to make your mom feel special. She was also surprisingly good about posing for me. Sometimes she’s so excited about pictures she doesn’t sit still for the 1/125th of a second shutter release, but she was more than happy to accomodate on Friday afternoon.

Speaking of cameras. . . I’m selling my Nikon D200. I’m also selling my Sony handycam 40GB hard drive HD video camera, too (as if that wasn’t a mouthful). Contact me if you’re interested.

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    1. Krista says:

      That is darling!!! Must make soon…. and maybe a skirt my size? Oh yes. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Erin says:

      love love love! I will have to copy this, Sutton will love it too.

    3. Emily says:

      this outfit is so adorable! i would love that myself :) excellent job!

    4. You are always so creative! This is an adorable creation! So Cute!

    5. That is the cutest little girls outfit I have ever seen! Man I need to learn how to sew!

    6. that is just so cute! i also love her camera poses… he he.

    7. Heidi says:

      Oh my! That dress is so adorable! I love that it looks like a high-waisted skirt. And that photo with Penelope’s hands on her hips, it’s just too much! ha!

    8. Wow this is so great! I love how it turned out and the contrast of the pink and the stripes!

    9. Aja says:

      This is too cute!! I love the pink and pinstripe combo!! Must copy this some day :)

    10. Amy says:

      Absolute genius. I HATE throwing perfectly good stuff away. I’m always thinking, how can I fix this? What can I do to it to make it wearable? This is a fantastic idea and turned out adorable on her! The skirt is to die for!

    11. natalie says:

      oh wow, that is awesome. i love the skirt especially.

    12. Tang says:

      Awww this is such a cute outfit!!!

    13. Julia says:

      Oh my gosh. She is DARLING! And looks stunning in your refashioned clothes. I love it.

    14. Wow, this is adorable! Great job!!! And what a cutie Miss Penelope is. :) Xo, Katie

    15. Rebecca says:

      That first little pose is too much! What a little fashionista!!

    16. SarahJane says:

      I am dying right now. This is the sweetest outfit I have ever seen. Will you make my baby girl one of those skirts asap? I have several shirts you can choose from. :) You’re amazing.

    17. Emily says:

      Melissa, your ingenuity never ceases to amaze me. I like to think that I can sew, but everything you do puts my skills to shame! Wonderful work!

    18. Emily says:

      LOVE this!! It looks perfect on her! The sash really makes it!! :)

    19. Bmerry says:

      i made a dress like this once. Pretty!

    20. stacy says:

      so cute, good job! love pens shoes too.

    21. amazing … what an amazing re-fashion!!! you are so talented!!

    22. Elaine says:

      Soooo adorable!!!

    23. Jenny says:

      adorable. the clothes and the girl.

    24. Jessica says:

      That is beyond adorable!!!!! What a lucky little girl to have such a stylish mama!

    25. Ana says:

      Goodness that is the cutest thing ever!

    26. Jenna says:

      WINNER! That is great!

    27. L says:

      Love love love that skirt!

    28. jenn says:

      too amazing!!!

    29. This is beyond cute. And it’s such a good use of old clothing – I need to learn to use that sewing machine of mine. It’s just too handy not to!
      – agata.

    30. meredith says:

      a-freaking-dorble! this is why i need a girl. someday. good luck with making that blessing outfit for your man child chunk too ;)

    31. I will buy this dress. No? Fine, I will just have to make a mental note to make it, my hubby has a blue/white striped dress shirt that he has never worn for no apparent reason whatsoever, and I think that would be just fedabulous.

    32. this turned out perfectly! :) too cute.

    33. Diana Smith says:

      I am SOOO glad we met Melissa, you are as cool on your blog as you are in person! Even better actually!!! haha I love her little poses, the skirt is perfect on her.

    34. OH MY GOSH I love it. Imagine that…
      I have a pile of fabric and a pile of stuff to refashion. Okay I wont lie…more like an entire CLOSET. On my to do list is to make myself a striped skirt like that. I adore high yoke waisted skirts with tees. But I’m weak when it comes to the side zipper. Its my cryptonite. Haha

    35. Katherine says:

      This is the best thing EVER. Could you please make a skirt like that in my size? I would really appreciate it :)

    36. Libby says:

      hate to beat a dead horse, but seriously…that dress is great. So sassy. That pink is so great with her hair color. Yay for you and the little lady.

    37. Barbara says:

      Oh my goodness, so adorable! What a great outfit (:

    38. jen says:

      So cute! What a lucky girl to have a mama to make such pretty things for her!

    39. Anna @ IHOD says:

      Pen is one lucky girl! She is going to be quite the fashionista. That skirt is too adorable! I am hoping I get skilled enough with my sewing machine by the time Veronica is her age:)

    40. Heidi says:

      Spectacular. This is possibly my fave re-make of yours so far. I want one for me!

    41. Faith says:

      This is spectacular! I love it.

    42. Darling refashion and girl!

    43. Brianne says:

      that little skirt is to die for! how adorable! awesome work, once again :]

    44. Bellesme says:

      it’s so cute! love the color on her, and that skirt is adorable..

    45. Lane says:

      <3 This wonderful JOB!!!!

    46. angie says:

      cute cute!!! i love how that skirt turned out and penelope looks so cute in it. :-)

    47. Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite} says:

      Hey fellow Esplin girlie!!! I’m sure we are related, some how..heeheee! I just found you and your fabulousness on Pinterest. Love that place :) I LOVE this dress so much I posted one I made on my bloggy. I hope it’s okay, I linked back to here. Thanks again for the inspiration. You are AMAZING!!

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